Coleophora wockeella
Coleophora wockeella
Adult • S.W. France • © Graham Wenman

37.109 BF527

Coleophora wockeella

Zeller, 1849

Wingspan c. 20mm.

Quite a large Coleophorid, the adults of C. wockeella are ochreous in colour with several whitish streaks on the forewing and have distinctively thickened bases to the antennae. The species was named after the German entomologist Wocke.

Feeding on betony (Stachys officinalis), the larva constructs a distinctive dark brown case from fragments of leaf.

Now a very local species in Britain, it was formerly more widespread but generally is restricted to a few localities in southern England. The adults fly in June and July but are not often seen.
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