Coleophora ramosella
Coleophora ramosella
Adult • Blean Woods, Kent. Reared from larva • © Francis Solly

37.094 BF558

Coleophora ramosella

Zeller, 1849

Wingspan c. 10-12mm.

This rare and highly localised species is only known from three locations in the British Isles. It occurs on the limestone of the Burren, Co. Cork; in woodland in Kent, and has also been found in north Hampshire, on downland.

The larval foodplants are goldenrod (Solidago), and daisy (Bellis perennis). The larva feeds from a case, typical of the genus, creating visible feeding blotches on the leaves.

Adult moths are quite attractive, marked with white lines on a yellowish-ochre ground colour. They fly between June and August.
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