Coleophora juncicolella
Coleophora juncicolella
Adult reared from larvae swept from Calluna • Dartmoor, Devon • © Phil Barden

37.028 BF510

Coleophora juncicolella

Stainton, 1851

Wingspan 6-8 mm.

Although the grey-white colour of the wings resembles that of many others in the genus, the adult can be simply identified by its small size. It flies in late June and July in afternoon sun over heather on heaths, moors and, occasionally, gardens in most parts of Britain.

The fully developed 4 mm to 5 mm case, in April- May, is made of seven to ten mined heather leaves arranged in a neat herring-bone pattern.

Sweeping heather with a net is the easiest way to obtain both adults (late June - July) and fully developed larvae (April - May).

The larval cases closely resemble sprigs of heather and are best found by placing swept debris in a box, where the larvae will reveal themselves by climbing the sides. Much of the above is based on MBGBI 3.

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