Coleophora atriplicis
Coleophora atriplicis
Adult • Gann Estuary, Pembrokeshire. ex. Larva, gen. det. PGC • © Patrick Clement

37.088 BF573

Coleophora atriplicis

Meyrick, [1928]

Wingspan c. 12-14mm.

A number of the Coleophoridae are found in saltmarsh habitats, the larvae feeding on plants specific to that habitat, and C. atriplicis is one of the most frequent where it occurs in parts of southern England, North Wales and parts of Ireland.

The larvae feed on salt marsh plants such as glasswort (Salicornia sp.) and Suaeda species. They form a whitish-buff case fixed to the foodplant, as is typical of the genus.

Adult moths fly in July and August and come to light.
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