Cochylis flaviciliana
Cochylis flaviciliana
Adult • Little Hidden Farm, Hungerford, W. Berks • © Jan Haseler

49.135 BF963

Cochylis flaviciliana

(Westwood, 1854)

Wingspan c. 13mm.

A local species in the British Isles, occurring mainly in the southern counties of England and Wales.

There is some variation in the intensity of the pink colouration of the forewing, but it is quite a distinctive moth.

Adults are on the wing from late June into August, and inhabits chalky grassland and similar habitats where the foodplant, field scabious (Knautia arvensis) abounds.

The larvae feed in the seedheads from July to October, then spin a cocoon on the ground amongst detritus, where they hibernate before pupating in spring.
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