Chrysoesthia sexguttella
Chrysoesthia sexguttella
Pair 'in cop' • ex. Leafmines, Carnac, France • © Ian Kimber

35.036 BF747

Chrysoesthia sexguttella

(Thunberg, 1794)

Wingspan 8-10 mm.

Widely distributed throughout the British Isles, and common in some places, this is a bivoltine species, with adults on the wing in May and June, then again in August.

The larva is a leaf-miner, creating whitish blotches in the leaves of the foodplants orache (Atriplex), and goosefoot (Chenopodium).

Its favoured habitat is waste ground and similar areas where the foodplants are found, tending to inhabit more sheltered locations.
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