Broom-tip Chesias rufata
Broom-tip Chesias rufata
Adult • Black Isle, Inverness • © Martin Hind

70.196 BF1865

Broom-tip Chesias rufata

(Fabricius, 1775)

Wingspan 28-32 mm.

A scarce and local species, but fairly widespread throughout Britain in scattered localities. There are two subspecies in Britain; ssp. scotica which occurs in central and northern Scotland. The nominate subspecies rufata occurs in the south and south-west of England with occasional colonies further north.

It occupies heath and moorland typically, where the larval foodplant, broom (Cytisus scoparia) is found.

Adult moths are on the wing from April to July and are attracted to light. The Scottish subspecies generally has stronger markings than the nominate form.
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