Carpatolechia decorella
Carpatolechia decorella
Adult • East Ross, Scotland • © Nigel Richards

35.147 BF767

Carpatolechia decorella

(Haworth, 1812)

Wingspan c. 14mm.

Although quite variable in intensity of markings and depth of ground colour, this species generally shows a distinctive black bar at the base of the forewing leading edge. The second segment of the labial palps is brownish with a white apex, which also helps distinguish it from similar species, e.g. C. alburnella, which has a wholly whitish second segment.

Widespread in mainland Britain, though not especially common, the moths emerge in July, and unlike most other members of the group, overwinter, sometimes being found again in the following spring.

The larva feeds inside a folded leaf of oak (Quercus) or dogwood (Cornus).
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