Calybites hauderi
Calybites hauderi
Adult • Ferring-by-Sea, West Sussex. • © Tim Freed

(B10) BF295
Calybites hauderi

(Rebel, 1906)

Wingspan c.10 mm.

A very local species, occurring in a small number of localities in the south. It is known from the Isle of Wight, and West Sussex. Elsewhere it is found in the Pyrenees of southern France and from Austria where it was first named.

The adult moth is fairly distinctive, having a rectangular yellowish blotch against the forewing ground colour of brown or chestnut, and occasional smaller yellow markings.

The moths fly from July and August, overwintering as an adult. The larval foodplant is field maple (Acer campestre), the larva forming a cone on a leaf and feeding within.
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