Bohemannia pulverosella
Bohemannia pulverosella
Mine, with larva on Malus • Bere Alston, Devon • © Phil Barden

4.071 BF40

Bohemannia pulverosella

(Stainton, 1849)

Wingspan 6-7 mm.

Fairly well distributed in the British Isles, the larvae create a distinctive blotch mine in the leaves of apple (Malus) during June and July. The larva cuts an exit hole on the underside of the leaf, which distuingishes the mine from that of Ectoedemia atricollis.

The adults, which fly in May, are dull brownish with a speckled appearance, especially noticeable near the wingtips. They have a yellowish head and whitish eyecaps.
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