Bohemannia auriciliella
Bohemannia auriciliella
Adult • Gloucestershire • © Guy Meredith

4.073 BF33

Bohemannia auriciliella

(Joannis, 1908)

[Synonyms: bradfordi]

Wingspan 6 - 7 mm

This species is rare across Europe with a total of just 30 specimens known until 3 more were found in Gloucestershire in late June and early July 2020. It has been recorded from 9 vice-counties in England, in the south and midlands.

Mostly recorded in June and July and described as having a single generation, there is a record from late August.

Whilst sources suggest that birch is the larval foodplant the 2020 Gloucestershire specimens were all netted from small-leaved lime (two from the same tree on different days), and another came to a light tower placed next to a small-leaved lime in the same wood in 2017.

When running around in a net, the reflections off the silvery markings can give a similar impression to those of Elachista gleichenella. When potted, the silvery cilia are not as obvious at some angles of view as the silvery fascia and wing-base.

(Species account by Guy Meredith)

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