Bankesia conspurcatella
Bankesia conspurcatella
Male • The Netherlands • © Jeroen Voogd

11.007 BF182

Bankesia conspurcatella

(Zeller, 1850)

[Synonyms: Bankesia douglasii]

Wingspan 11-15 mm. A very local and rare moth, rediscovered in Kent in 1984.

There has been some discussion amongst authors as to the identity of the species found in Britain. Formerly, it was believed to be B. douglasii, but presently it is assigned to conspurcatella. With a recent upsurge in interest in the Psychidae, it is likely to be found to be more widespread.

The male depicted was found in Cardiff in February 2005, and was the first record for Wales.

The moth is univoltine, with a flight period from February to April.

The larvae feed on lichens, in a case made of lichens, soil and sand. It pupates during the winter months, attaching the case to fences, rocks or cracks in the bark.

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