Argyresthia brockeella
Argyresthia brockeella
Larva • Ashworth Valley, Rochdale, Gtr. Manchester • © Ben Smart

20.011 BF410
Argyresthia brockeella

(Hübner, [1813])

Wingspan 9-12 mm.

One of several similar very small but brightly-coloured moths, only around 5mm long. Quite distinctive with its metallic bronze and white-spotted appearance, but easily overlooked due to its size. Sometimes the white blotches have a bronzy suffusion and can become concolorous with the ground colour.

Members of this genus rest distinctively 'head-down'.

On the wing in June and July, this is a common species throughout Britain.

The larvae feed on the catkins of birch (Betula) and alder (Alnus glutinosa).
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