Lesser Treble-bar Aplocera efformata
Lesser Treble-bar Aplocera efformata
Adult • Dorset • © Paul Harris

70.193 BF1868

Lesser Treble-bar Aplocera efformata

(Guenée, [1858])

Wingspan 35-41 mm.

Very similar to the Treble-bar (A. plagiata), but can be separated by its slightly smaller size, paler ground colour, and the shape of the inner wingbar, which tends to be straighter and more sharply angled.

The tip of the male's abdomen is also shorter and blunter than that of Treble-bar, with somewhat curved claspers compared to Lesser Treble-bar's straighter, more pointed abdomen tip. (See photo).

The species has a more southerly distribution than A. plagiata, being common only in the very south. It occurs less commonly gradually northwards to northern England. Like its cousin, the larvae feed primarily on St. Johns-wort (Hypericum spp.).

There are two generations, flying in May and June, then again in August and September.

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