Anarsia innoxiella
Anarsia innoxiella
Adult • Upper Caldecote, Bedfordshire • © Matt Burgess


Anarsia innoxiella

Gregersen & Karsholt, 2017

Wingspan 11-14 mm.

This species was recognised as new to science in a paper published in 2017, and it is thought that most specimens of previously-identified A. lineatella that have been light-trapped are likely to be innoxiella.

Previously published as lineatella, several photographs now suspected of being innoxiella are reproduced here under the latter species. The species appears to be well established, if local, in southern England at least.

The long black streak in the centre of the forewing is said to be diagnostic of innoxiella, supported by the more contrasting pattern overall. A. lineatella has a less-contrasting, duller pattern and the central black streak is shorter and more elliptical.

The species is associated with Acer and adults are typically found on the wing in July and August.

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