Agonopterix putridella
Agonopterix putridella
Adult • reared from Peucedanum officinale, East Kent • © Francis Solly

32.021 BF693

Agonopterix putridella

([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

Wingspan c. 17mm.

This rather scarce species is restricted in the British Isles to a few localities in the south east of England, where it occupies fens and marshes.

The adult moths are quite distinctive for the genus, having dark lines along the veins, and a row of quite large subterminal spots at the end of these veins. They are on the wing in July and August.

The larval foodplant is hog's fennel, (Peucedanum officinale), with the larva feeding in an untidy gathering or spinning of leaves, during May and June.
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