Adoxophyes privatana
Adoxophyes privatana
Adult • Sha Lo Tung, New Territories, Hong Kong • © R.C.Kendrick / C & R Wildlife, Hong Kong

49.0411 BF999a

Adoxophyes privatana

(Walker, 1863)

Adoxophyes privatana is an accidental introduction in Britain, having been recorded only from Devon in 1986, where it was reared from imported orchids.

The species' normal range is South-east Asia, where it occurs widely and sometimes commonly.

The larva is polyphagous on trees, including fruit trees such as mandarin and guava, feeding in a spinning.

It closely resembles Summer Fruit Tortrix Adoxophyes orana, which however has dark grey hindwings, those of A. privatana being pale yellow-brown.
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