Portland Moth Actebia praecox: Distribution map

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73.308 BF2099
Portland Moth Actebia praecox

(Linnaeus, 1758)

Wingspan 35-40 mm.

One of only a few greenish-coloured moths amongst the Noctuidae, this rather docile species inhabits sand-dunes, sandy heaths and the shingle banks of rivers.

Its distribution is mainly coastal in Britain, and although it occurs in parts of Dorset and Devon, it is rather scarce, and doesn't occur on Portland, despite its common name. It is more frequently distributed in the north-west of England and Scotland. It also occurs locally elsewhere in a few scattered localities.

The adults fly in August and September, and if disturbed will fall to the ground and feign death.

The larvae feed on creeping willow (Salix repens) and other sand-dune plants.
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