Large Dagger Acronicta cuspis
Large Dagger Acronicta cuspis
Adult • Las Descargues, Lot, France • © Linda Reinecke

(B87) BF2282

Large Dagger Acronicta cuspis

(Hübner, [1813])

Wingspan .c 40mm

This species has a doubtful entry on the British List, and is listed only on the basis of a specimen seen in a collection by Stephens in the late 19th century, which he thought may have been this species. There have been no confirmed records.

The adult moths are larger than their British counterparts, A. psi and A. tridens, with more pronounced blackish 'dagger' markings, particularly those near the head. Abroad, it occurs in southern Europe and North Africa, and eastwards into Asia.

The larvae feed on a range of plants including alder (Alnus glutinosa) and birch (Betula).

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