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Bill Jackson - 30 July 2000
A new trapping site for Western Scotland
The Smithy, Auchnasaul,
by Clachan Seil, Oban PA34 4 RH
tel 01852 300 310
Enjoyed web site very helpful and imformative.
Martin Tordoff - 30 July 2000
Ever since I first used your site eons ago to check Juniper Carpet, this picture always comes up first each time I open site. How can I alter it so that home page comes up?
Cheers Martin
Allan Dall - 30 July 2000
Nice sight, I saw a Garden Tiger moth but since I
had never come across this before I had to
identify it. Your sight was the easiest way for
me to do this, even though I had to search through
every thumbnail until I found it.
Pedro Pires - 29 July 2000
It?s the first time that i visited this page and I think that is very organized and very easy to see. I?m from Portugal and the bibliography form where is very poor.
George Catchpole - 24 July 2000
very interested in the subject and done some preliminary study
Noreen Hallett - 24 July 2000
The most informative site I could find
Gordon Follows - 24 July 2000
Glad I found you. Keep up the good work.
andrew bashford - 23 July 2000
I have only just started to get in to moths and I found your site very intresting
Helen Banks - 22 July 2000
What a wonderful site! I found several beautiful creatures in my garden recently and thought they were some kind of exotic butterfly but could find no way of identifying them online without knowing their name first! So I thought I'd just check out the moths and have just spent a very happy time looking through your images. I am amazed to see the beauty and the huge number of different moths in the UK. I was oohing and awing all the way through. Oh, and I identified the ones in my garden. They were garden tigers. I live in mid-Cornwall.

Thank you again - your site is a treasure and I will look upon moths with different eyes in future. It's a pity that they have such a fatal attraction to lights.

Love and best wishes


Martin Taunton - 22 July 2000
I have been trapping moths with UV lamps for about 20 years now ,first in Lancashire (Apperley Bridge) and now in Bingley. I caught a Leopard Moth (Male) last night and read in Richard South.s book that it was quite scarce in parts.
Moyra Elder - 22 July 2000
I found a moth/butterfly? in the sunroom just now and, knowing nothing, searched Alta Vista. Your site came up, which led me to another, where I identified my MOTH: Abraxas grossulariata. Your site is a pleasure to visit: clear, rational, good-looking. It was a pleasure meeting you, as it were.
Sandra Brown - 22 July 2000
I found a postit note on my back door but then realized it had legs and eyes. On searching your site, discovered it was a Swallow-tailed Moth (Ourapteryx sambucaria). Looking at your guestbook there seem to be two other sightings, recent ones. This sighting was in St Andrews, Scotland, during the Golf Open. I love the site - thank heaven for it, couldn't sleep for wondering what the moth was!
Peter Wilde - 21 July 2000
This is a wildlife site recently set up by me, mainly for butterfly and moth ethusiasts in Cumbria.
Starzi - 21 July 2000
I have in my bedroom a swallow-tailed moth. It that common for north London??
Michael O'Meara - 20 July 2000
icked up a strange plume moth in the moth trap a few nights ago that have me flummixed and I went to the www to try and sort it out - it might be an American. Found your site and spent the rest of the night marvelling at it. Well done!
E. Aitken - 20 July 2000
Excellent site. I just saw a swallow-tailed moth (ourapteryx sambucaria) on our wall and identified it using your photos.(I hope!)
Chris Leaney - 15 July 2000
Cool site, great pics. I live in Brighton and I need an I.D on a moth. It stood out to me because it had pure white wings and head and very large combs either side, pure white legs and a brown bodyand it was about 3/4 of an inch long, if any one could I.D this moth it would be good, I will try and get a pic next time I see one.
Pete Carr - 12 July 2000
Excellent site, particularly for micro phots. Good luck
Ray Sambrook - 11 July 2000
Thanks for being here. Moths are somthing i have only recently discovered but this web page is a place i will be a freqent visitor to, its all wonderful stuff
Darren Underwood - 11 July 2000
Absolutely brilliant website. Photos are superb. What do you take them with?
I'm very new to moths and am considering getting a Heath trap from Entech Services in Wales. Do you have any experience with them? Any comments on what their traps are like would be very gratefully received.
Thanks in advance.
Darren Underwood
Ernest Mengersen - 8 July 2000
Excellent and beautiful pictures, especially of moths in natural positions. Keep up the wonderful work. I do not know or have any UK moths but this is great. Thank you for sharing your love of insects.
Claire Smith - 7 July 2000
We have had two elephant hawkmoths brought in by our cat today. Never seen them in Carshalton, Surrey before. Does anybody need sightings? Never seen such a solid body on a moth before. Second one seemed less damaged than first. Tried to rescue - don't know what damage cat did though.

Claire and Mum

PS cat in for night now!!

Kevin Spires - 5 July 2000
A very large moth flew in to my house last night.
I am interested in finding out how rare it is.
It was about 1.5\" long, dark pink in colour,2 sets of wings & the bottom part of the body was conical shaped like a Wasp.
Kitty Ledger - 4 July 2000
I would like to find some site that is interested in sightings and would like people to record them. I sighted a hummingbird hawk moth today (4.7.00) and can't find anyone to tell!
Tim Hudson - 3 July 2000
I found an elephant hawk moth in the garden today,Ionly know this because of your website.Thanks.
Tim Hudson Telford Shropshire
moira - 3 July 2000
thank-you for such a wonderful page. i had spotted this moth in our garden and had know idea wot it was, i am a nurse and zoology was many moons ago!!! i found it..1982 narrow-bordered bee hawk moth, we are 20 mils south of glasgow. thanx
M.A.Scott - 2 July 2000
Superb website.Now bookmarked!
Paul Waring - 2 July 2000
Exploring web for moth sites. Pleased to see yours. Good luck with it. In haste. Paul.
Jimmy Goldsmith - 2 July 2000
Today I found a huge moth hanging from the garage eaves. We looked it up on your site and it turned out to be a Privet Hawk-moth. Wow! Thanks for being so informative and I am inspired to found out more about moths Jimmy aged 8
Paul Wakelin - 2 July 2000
This site is very useful for the ones I can't ID
Thanks Paul .
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