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roger coley - 3 September 2000
really good
Malcolm Bridge - 1 September 2000
What a pleasant surprise. Butterfly Conservation website up and running and providing this smashing link to UKmoths. Keep up the good work.
Andy Cook - 1 September 2000
This afternoon, I recieved a telephone call informing me of a Deaths Head Hawkmoth on the side of a relatives porch, in Essex.
Having not seen a live species before, I was amazed at the size of the moth, and I am pleased that it didnt crash into my heath trap that I operate in my garden and a couple of sites in the county. After photographing this huge moth, I released it in my garden, where it flew off strong,in a North Westerly direction.
It makes a change to photograph a moth, obtaining a frame filling image, without the need for a macro lens!
Whilst on a note about photography, I must commend you and your site, offering such a professional layout, with excellent pictures - Well done.
I appreciate what you are doing is a mammoth task and it would be great when your systematic list is completed, if a book was published with the natural moth poses, as this would be of great use in the field, alongside the pinned species in Skinner. Congratulations, I use your site regularly.
glyn smart - 1 September 2000
werry helpfull in identifying the moth larva i have found
Christine Scott - 30 August 2000
I was trying to identify a caterpillar (elephant Hawk-Moth) for a moth phobic friend whose cat brought 2 in. Thanks for the help nice clear pictures, better than Readers Digest!!
Alan Wagstaff - 30 August 2000
This site is an excellent addition to Skinner - seeing the moths in natural poses often is all you need to confirm an identification.
Gerhard Stimpfl - 29 August 2000
top-class photos! as a lepidopterologist from austria, especially well-knowing the noctuid-moths, i was a little bit astonished about the site of Hypagyrtis unipunctata which shows - without any doubt - Hadena albimacula. wish you well from far away
Ronald W. Foxwell - 28 August 2000
Nice to see what the moth looks like. Found four caterpillars feeding on fuchsia & roses. Quite frightening at first!(Now we know they are harmless,courtesy of Bristol Zoo)Near Westbury Wiltshire. Northern edge of Salisbury Plain.
matthew cooper - 27 August 2000
a very good web page i trap moths using portable back lights and i am 12
Shane Farrell - 26 August 2000
superb site and well organised. something I may try to emulate myself one day. I have been mothing only for about four months and have identified a good number of species thanks to your excellent photographs..
Julie Parker - 25 August 2000
A lovely web-site.

I was rather hoping to find some information about the caterpillar stage. You must forgive my ignorance but I am a mere mother of 2 young children who found about 60 eggs laid on my daughter's white t-shirt whilst hanging on the washing line. The next day when I brought it in I noticed the tiny cream eggs and not wishing to kill anything there put it in a container. Exactly one week later they hatched - tinly little black caterillars hatched and we have had them in a large 4' aquarium ever since. That was 2 weeks ago and they are now about 10-14mm long (depending if they are stretching or not!) and green in colour with a pale yellow stripe down each side almost at the bottom. I have looked on the web and in books held in the library but to no avail. They are eating nettles and grass and I am giving them a mist from time to time in the day. I would love to know what breed they are. I have checked the legs to see if they are sawflies and they are not. Please help even if you just have some advice on
keeping them.


Julie Parker

George Candelin - 25 August 2000
Excellent photo's - good idea to list them with B&F numbers.
George and Isobel Deacon - 21 August 2000
What no sign of the Argeles moths yet.

Nice to have met you. Your caravan remained empty until after we had left except for Italian kids who Isobel chased out.

You, like us, must be suffering from sunshine deprivation, although today is nice.

Must get back to installing the network

Best wishes


carmen - 19 August 2000
I have a phobia of moths and am absolutely petrified of them but at the same time I am absolutely fascinated by them. I would love to trap and study them and I am working on my fear by looking at pictures (it's a start!). This is a brilliant site although I've had to grit my teeth at some ot the bigger boys!! Will keep coming back till I get there.
P.S. I chuckled when I read the mesage from a lady who found a Hawkmoth in her laundry basket! If that had been me they would have been stretchering me out!!!
derek lovatt - 19 August 2000
very infofmative
Jaan Viidalepp - 17 August 2000
Exploring web for Geometridae sites, have reached yours via Hong Kong (!).
An excellent and rich site. Thank you for the huge work you have done! Jaan
Perry Hampson - 17 August 2000
Excellent site - thanks! I have recently started using a Skinner trap in my back garden using only a normal domestic light bulb. I have been amazed at the results. The photographs on your site are extremely useful, showing the insects in their natural resting state - rather than pinned specimens.
Keep up the good work.
Best wishes.
Mike Baldwin - 16 August 2000
A great site which I shall no doubt be returning to time and again!
Alec Powell - 15 August 2000
I am a member of the Moths of Oxfordshire Recording Scheme and believe that these pages are of immense help.
Jon Baker - 15 August 2000
Great site. Hopefully it will improve and the gaps fill in. I have aspecial interest in micros...oecos and gelchids, momphids etc. If I get any useable photos I'll be in touch...
William - 10 August 2000
Very good
Phillip Milton - 10 August 2000
Sandra Gribben - 10 August 2000
what a wonderful site to have found, I'm a member of the Belfast field club and a real amateur but keen, i'll know where to look for info. from now on. thanks
Debbie Berriman - 9 August 2000
This is a new subject to me and am finding it very interesting.
georgie hale - 8 August 2000
great site found an unusual moth and was able 2 identify it
tracy - 6 August 2000
great site! thanks to you i was able to show my son (6) what the caterpillars we found whilst out for a walk would turn into! he was really suprised and delighted
Katie - 6 August 2000
found an unusual moth and was able to identify it
Geo. Nickel - 1 August 2000
Just run on to your site it is great would like to say Hello will have to look in agan. Keep up the work see you soon...
Mrs. J.Hawkins - 30 July 2000
My 6 year old daughter and I found a splendid moth in our garden today which, with the help of your website, we were able to identify as a Leopard Moth. (Zeuzera pyrina)Thanks for your help! P.S.Do you also have info. about feeding habits etc?
Ivan lewis - 30 July 2000
i saw a moth the other day,was'nt sure what it
was,found it on your site{pop hawk moth}
Thanks---great site.
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