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Martin Catt - 4 January 2001
Great site so nice to see real moths not just pinned specimens. A great aid to identification!
I run Kingsbridge and District Natural History Society and will publicise your site in our next newsletter. Perhaps others will follow your lead to make wildlife identification online a good and affordable route into wildlife study for all. I will introduce your site to our local schools, it will be great for nature projects.
Keep up the marvelous quality.
Seasonal greetings
Martin Catt
Catts Countryside - Sharing Nature with People
Migrants Rest East Prawle S.Devon TQ7 2DB
stephen root - 21 December 2000
superb! Very useful photo's.As an enthusiastic amateur I'll be sure to use the site to help identify future catches.
Paul Talbot - 18 December 2000
Hi all
This has to be the best site for lepidopterists on the whole web. Great work Ian keep it up. Especially liked the micro moths from Park Wood Elland!!! Paul Talbot.
Geoffrey Phillips - 17 December 2000
Nice to find your site like the photo's used to rear and photo home and foreign moths & butterflies years ago, an enjoyable site.
Best wishes, Geoff Phillips
Doug Murray (Butterfly & Moth Recorder VC 52 Anglesey) - 13 December 2000
Great effort - superb photographs - well worth the effort you must have put into producing this site
Perry Lambert - 6 December 2000
I am delighted to have found your site thro the Butterfly Conservation link I will be back. Moths fascinate me but my knowledge of them is very limited!
Chris Lowe - 5 December 2000
First class - keep up the good work!!
richard m. gillmore - 2 December 2000
i am a moth collector living in central florida. i find the photos to be life like, as though i was looking at the live moth resting in my back yard.
Karen Downey - 26 November 2000
I searched for an hour for photographs of of five moths and found two out of the five here. Thanks very much!
Dave Blackledge - 26 November 2000
As a beginner,I use your site regularly to check pictures of moths in natural poses if Skinner leaves any doubt!
David Hudson - 19 November 2000
Ian, thank you for a wonderful site. I admire all the work that you have done to provide an informative site. I have just identified a Burnished Brass found flying in my kitchen last night, thanks once again, David.
Stewart Spark - 11 November 2000
Smashin site Ian, used to collect moths when I was a youngster and it brought back a lot of memories......keep up the good work....and thanks again.
cris roberts - 31 October 2000
Wow! At last a decent site for moth id. Micros too! I`m in heven. All we need now is a central web site we can all send our records to, giving us access to up to date data. keep up the very good work
cris, (Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire)

mark trasenster - 29 October 2000
easy to use and fast retrieval. Your photo's are excellent.
Jimmy McKellar - 12 October 2000
This is an excellent site. I will certainly be returning.
catherine young - 6 October 2000
I have just found this site and am at present learning about id skills so i hope it will be helpful
John A Wilkinson - 1 October 2000
Just dropped in for the first time.....
looks good..nice images..
Mrs. S. M. Jones - 1 October 2000
Very interesting site.
David Pyle - 30 September 2000
Very interesting web site. I am a member of the Sussex Moth Group and have been interested in moths since boyhood. Keep up the good work, there are few people who take an interest in this subject.
Ian - 27 September 2000
I'm trying to identify a 'creature' which may have been a moth. It flew like a hummingbird, 1
peter cain - 24 September 2000
very interesting site but unless you know what you are looking for your flumuxed
Ian Smith - 24 September 2000
Many thanks for putting up this site. My wife and I saw a very large moth (3 inches long) on our house wall in Essex. Using your site we were able to identify it as Convolvulus Hawk Moth. We have taken a photo but doubt it will be better than the one on your site.
Many thanks
Roy - 21 September 2000
Nice one, thanks
Claire Fulton - 21 September 2000
Interesting site.After searching your site, I have located the moth that my cat caught yesterday (20/9/00). It turned out to be a convolvulus Hawk-Moth !
Jane davies - 20 September 2000
I am living just outside Swansea Wales, an Oak Eggar moth laid eggs on my kitchen window the caterpillars are now hatched (18 of them) any ideas how to look after them until they pupate, at present they`re feeding on bramble and hawthorn, thanks for any advice.
Lucas Jay Williams - 19 September 2000
Helen Welsh - 10 September 2000
This is a really helpful site. I shall return.
paula - 10 September 2000 pinned thorax no dried up abdomen.a chance to see moths in their full glory and wings not akimbo!natural and easier to identify.thank you.
I'm no lepidoptorist,just a potter with an immense sense of appreciation for these well overlooked insects.with that view point in mind i have turned my attention to making pots etc based on moth structure colour and character.
saw two pale tussocks mating and a varied selection this year.excellent.
Phil Bird - 8 September 2000
Very informative
keith reilly - 5 September 2000
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