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robert Randles - 21 August 2001
I found this website possibly unique in providing thumbnail images to aid identification. The information is presented in a logical and scholarly manner. You already have a valuable resource here and it is to be hoped it will grow with further contributions.
Chris Ivin - 21 August 2001
Excellent site, wonderfully detailed photographs of insects in their normal resting positions, and accurately reflecting the true colours of the species.

Keep up the good work!!

Marian Griffith - 20 August 2001
What a super site! - and a marvellous idea - Sue Warren referred me to it for info about a Beautiful China Mark moth I'd found at Cromwell Bottom. Since my only moth book dates from 1896 (my interest in natural history is very generalist and I am fascinated by very old books) I'll certainly use it again.
Stephen botham - 18 August 2001
Brilliant, really helpfull on micros, everyone does the big moths, i like pyrails etc
Stuart Gordon - 17 August 2001
An impressive collection of moth images
Jennifer - 16 August 2001
This is a very impressive website. I logged onto it because a moth just flew in by my feet. I was hoping to be able to identify it but I am afraid I have not succeeded. It might be useful to set up a search facility where you can use key words to describe the shape and colour of the moth and see which thumbnails it comes up with.
Other than that it has been extremely interesting going through the thumbnails and seeing some of the most peculiar looking creatures!
Nancy Magnusson - 15 August 2001
This is terrific - I'm in the USA and have no real moth mentors or pals. This site has been
a fantastic educational tool - our guides are all of spread specimens. The live postures
here have helped me get to families and below much more quickly. Thanks - keep up the
good work.
Chris Tracey - 12 August 2001
Thanks for a brilliant site. As I don't have a moth trap I would like to attract moths with a sugar solution on the bark of some of the trees in the garden. A) does this work and B) do you have any suggestions as to what to include?
Stephanie J. Smith - 11 August 2001
This is a really lovely site. I have enjoyed observing American moths for years and it is interesting to see what sorts of moths there are in Britain and how similar or different they are from moths found in America.
Ian Hunter - 9 August 2001
Excellent identification support
Geoff Hudson - 8 August 2001
A huge and impressive undertaking. I've learnt a great deal from my recent contact with Ian. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to do justice to this fascinating subject. Thank you.
Ray Revell - 5 August 2001
Excellent site, marvellous pictures.
Steve Sait - 1 August 2001
As a moth expert at a very distinguished university, I feel I should point out that the photo on your home page which you have labelled "The Magpie" is infact a moth. Magpies are actually a type of bird. I know this because I am a zoologist.
Otherwise I found your website very interesting and useful.
shirley park - 31 July 2001
good site kids loved looking up to see the moth we found in the house as it was a garden tiger moth a very large moth and just the same as the piccie it was gr8 ....
SOPHY ALLEN - 29 July 2001
IAN KIPPAX - 28 July 2001
looks very useful
Harry Patterson - 27 July 2001
Just identified it myself using your thumbnails. It's a Garden Tiger, (Arctia caja). Thanks for a great resouce. Excellent site.
Andy Wade - 27 July 2001
What an excellent website!
I just browsed in looking to identify a moth thats currently on the glass of an internal door to my office at home.
It's the Swallow-tailed Moth Ourapteryx sambucaria
(No. 1922 on your list) It's a beauty!
I've actually seen it once before, but couldn't identify it at the time.
Thank you for making me more knowledgeable.
Kind regards,
Gordon Pollinger - 25 July 2001
Excellent site. Congratulations.
Chris Court - 25 July 2001
a very handy site for me. As a newcomer Skinner is a wonderful book but to be able to double check against natural poses on here for added confirmation is great.
IAN MARLEY - 25 July 2001
DAve Allan - 24 July 2001
Excellent site keep up the good work
Barbara Cockburn - 24 July 2001
Your high quality pics provide a wonderful back-up to Skinner. I really like too that a different moth pops up every time I visit the home page. How do I find the UKmoths email group?
Anna - 24 July 2001
Hi again, just here o say what a fantastic site this is. I come everyday to this site and find out names of moths i have found.
Well done for making a fantastic site.
Neil Calbrade - 23 July 2001
Excellent site Ian, especially for us novices who find Skinner a bit daunting! It's good to find a site showing natural poses which helps a lot.
Keith Naylor - 23 July 2001
Claire McSorley - 23 July 2001
Extremely useful, well laid out website.
Lovely images! Great searching capabilities and thumb-nails.
But, I'd like to know more about the people who set up the website please!
David Norman - 22 July 2001
Great site, but I,m desperately trying to find someone to tell me if the HUMMINGBIRD HAWKMOTH I saw in Cheltenham 22/07/2001 was a rare sighting?
kerry maggs - 22 July 2001
Hi.Just like to say i have identified over 20 moths that have appeared in my house thanks to your fantastic web-site.
The book for sale sounds wonderful.
John Pascoe - 21 July 2001
Excelent site!! but if I find a moth, how do I identify it if its not in common books.
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