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Dave Murray - 6 February 2002
Brilliant! Keep up the good work. My daughter, aged 9, is a fellow fanatic who often prints pages from your site. With your help she recorded 59 species last year. Not all good news though; if she maintains her interest I've promised to buy a Robinson trap for use in the garden...that was before I saw the prices. Nonetheless well done. Will the Dark Chestnut moth appear on the site? We found one resting outside Watford market a few weeks ago.
Mike Keep - 3 February 2002
An excellent site. I am mor interested in arachnids, especially Pseudoscorpions but I did find your site fascinating. I feel this is what the web should be about, if we can get images of every species that would be a worthwhile achievement. I applaude yours.

Mike Keep

John Hazell - 27 January 2002
I'm enjoying this site immensely.
So many beautiful moths!
Allan Richardson - 25 January 2002
A very useful and interesting site.
don hildred - 6 January 2002
A first acquaintance shows a fascinating website.
Paul Baker - 31 December 2001
What an excellent Website. Excellent photographs, loads of info and links
and above all very user friendly.All the best for 2002.
Fred .G,Westcott - 28 December 2001
Have made several visits to your site keep up the good work. Best Wishes For 2002. FGWestcott
trevor bann - 10 December 2001
this site is like a breath of fresh air, congratulations and many thanks
Brian Maxfield - 9 December 2001
Was looking for a caterpillar that appears to live in fallen leaves !
It is green/brown, approx.40mm long x 6mm dia.
Was it on the leaf on the tree when the leaf fell off ?
Trees around are lime,beech, birch and hornbeam.
Anyone any ideas please ?
Mark Taylor - 6 December 2001
A superb site, I've just spent the last hour on it.
Can't wait for spring.
Thanks a lot.
Mark (cheshire)
FEZA DOGANLAR - 6 December 2001
Fauna and sistematik
JAN W. ANDRESEN - 4 December 2001
I like your website very much, and have often used it for identification of moths, I have photographed here in Spain, where I'm living, though born and raised in Denmark.
steve barrett (dorset) - 2 December 2001
great site for micro identification, excellent photos
Rob Masheder & Ann Hanson - 30 November 2001
We found a pair of vapourer moths mating on 29th November 2001 and we live near Leeds, LS24, in Yorkshire. This seemed very late for this far North. Any chance of some pictures of the scarce vapourer adults on your website soon?? A rudimentary descriptive key linked to the photos would also be very useful.
The pictures are great! Thank you.
Tony Davison - 26 November 2001
Getting interested in this fascinating insect. The web site is superb and the photography even better
matthew fyles - 26 November 2001
if you do not find this offenceive i don't really like moths i just like to drew isects.
Tim Friedlander - 20 November 2001
I really enjoyed the photos. I was searching for pictures of leafmines of microleps in Fagaceae and Celtidaceae.
Robert Cramp - 17 November 2001
I have been looking for a site like this for ages. At last some decent photographs of pugs and a great site for those of us who are less than experts on 'micros'. Good stuff!
Mick Ross - 16 November 2001

Having first got interested in Lepidoptera almost 30 years ago via Richard South's Vols 1+2, and not really having had the ability to purchase more recent Moth ID books in the meantime, I have to say that this site is excellent.

It has reinvigorated my personal interest. Keep it coming.

Brian Nielsen - 16 November 2001
New Danish moth caught on Bornholm.30viii-1ix saltuna. Hadena Capsincola
Similar species Hadena Bicruris. Found in Finland, Sweden and the eastern
europe.The danish species is caught by Morten Top Jensen.
Frank Wilkinson. - 15 November 2001
Very interesting, first decent information I've seen on moths.
Will return again.
Reg Silvey - 10 November 2001
Great site. I'll be back.
Christopher Slack - 5 November 2001
Very helpful in tracking down the adult form of Calliteara pudibunda, the larval stage of which was photographed by an uncle in his garden near Exmouth this year.
george randall - 28 October 2001
brilliant site very helpfull with i.d
Paulo simoes - 20 October 2001
...It's very good!
Jeff Rush - 20 October 2001
Excellent site with very high quality pictures which help beginners like me identify and confirm species.
I caught a Delicate the other day and your picture was an exact match.

As an EXTRA improvement to the site I would prefer a viewing/listing option based on flight times? Grouping moths makes id very much easier and one needs only to look at the pictures of moths flying within the capture period.




Mark Etheridge - 16 October 2001
GREAT site! The photos are fantastic, and the layout is superb.
Ian Hancock - 14 October 2001
What a pleasure to see a well-designed, functional web site! This is a model of how the web should be used.
bob richardson - 11 October 2001
Excellent site,managed to identify several moths at a forest caravan site in Suffolk,including Elephant Hawk.
russ malin - 9 October 2001
Brilliant ! Easy to use and incredibly informative.Well done !!
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