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Pete Hurst - 12 May 2002
I am very pleased to use this site, not only to enjoy the generally high standard moth images on it, but also to familiarise myself with the much less well-known micro moths.I also have used it to help to identify some species which I have had a little trouble with in Skinner's book (eg. recently Beech Green Carpet/Autumn Green Carpet)and it is so useful to compare images of the living moths.
Di Fowler - 12 May 2002
Very interesting and user friendly site. However, I could not find the moth we spotted in Sutton Park (near Birmingham) this morning. Perhaps it wasn't a moth; but there were literally thousands flying round and resting on a mature oak tree. The main body, excluding wings was only house fly size. It had very long antennae, but the most distinguinshing feature were the silvery, metalic wings that literally shone in the sun light. Can you point me in the right direction.
Thanks in anticipation.
Di Fowler
catherine Johnson - 11 May 2002

My mother has just shown me a moth which she found in her garden. After looking at your web site it appears to closely resemble the Willowherb Hawk moth. We live in North Lincolnshire. Is this a notable event and should we contact somebody to look at it? If so who? Or should we just let it go? Can anybody help?

Catherine Johnson
Ben Walker - 10 May 2002
Colin Hennem - 7 May 2002
The best moth website I have come across. Excellent.
jon - 2 May 2002
hi, nice site.
Bob Eeles BSc (hons) PhD - 30 April 2002
Excellent site. My PhD was on moths in farmland by the way so if anybody wants data that I am sat on please ask. I have a few images but not of sufficient quality I'm afraid - but let me know the species you would like and if I have them I'll happily forward them.


Bob Eeles (Based near Oxford UK)
Pedro - 25 April 2002

I?m from Portugal and I loved this page.
I study butterflies from Portugal and I make a lot of images with my video camera. Some species I cannot identify because I dont have guide books of that group.

With this page I can try to identify my species and if it is possible I would like to send it so the identification could be confirm.

Best wishes
Tom Fayle - 25 April 2002
Great site. Much more useful for identification purposes to have photos of specimens in live resting positions than pinned ones. Good for micros too as I have no books on them.
Simon Sutherland - 24 April 2002
What a great site! I found, what I now know to be, a female Emperor Moth quite close to home. Had to take it home to show the kids, but couldn't let it go until I had identified it. Your site is top of the Google search and I had my answer withing 2 minutes. Many thanks!
Kevin & Annette Phipps - 20 April 2002
Very good website - could do with a description of the larvae in most cases, but other than that, very colouful, with good pictures of each individual moth.
nathan tucker - 17 April 2002
Its realy intresting and I will be shore to come on your website again. I am Nickys friend, Nathan. Cool website.
Gaz Robinson - 16 April 2002
excellent site,much need fotos of micro's and hard to-tell-apart species.
usefull resting-position shots and a few larvae pics all help.
you should publish a photoguide book,firstly on micros,then macros,in \"at-rest\" attitudes.
N.E.Flisher - 14 April 2002
Very good site!
I use pictures to verify my catches,keep up good work
Neil Anderson - 13 April 2002
Useful for a moth novice'
Mrs Patricia Martin - 13 April 2002
Thank you for the most enjoyable 3 hours I have spent browsing and extracting information that my 9 year old grandaughter needs for her school project on moths and butterflies in the UK.

I, as a very keen gardener, will certaily be revisiting this site many, many more times to identify the moths and butterflies that I see in my garden.

Once again, thank you very much.
Gianni - 9 April 2002
Fantastic site man! For more visit my site...
ROY EDNEY - 9 April 2002
As a newcomer to the world of moths, being one division of my general nature studies I find the thumbnails very helpful. Recently having seen several moths that were not depicted in the books I have, I managed to find a couple illustrated on your web site. I hope to be able to add to your collection as time goes by.
Thank you for your web site, most enjoyable
Kind regards, Roy Edney
stephen smith - 6 April 2002
i was just looking for nature pictures and found this site
Stephen Hatch - 8 March 2002
Excellent site with great photographs.
Mick Sharpe - 3 March 2002
Fantastic site - a valuable resource that will no doubt continue to grow.

Well done.

Ian Barton - 28 February 2002
I'm sure this is going to be the first of many visits. Keep up the good work.
Christian Drew - 27 February 2002
How refreshing to find this site,I have been a very amateur enthusiast for nearly twenty years...I will visit again...(age 37)
Ted Ponting - 24 February 2002
Excellent back up to literature. I have identified from your thumbnails when the book was'nt clear.
john cloyne - 22 February 2002
Have just discovered this brilliant site. Have been mothing for 18 months and am gradually getting to grips with the 'micros'. This site will be extremely valuable in helping me to verify identifications tentatively made from a variety of books. Your photos are particularly helpful for the 'micros' because they are taken in the natural resting position. A superb site - and it's free ! Hope to submit some of my own digital photos taken with a Nikon Coolpix 995 in due course in order to fill some of your gaps. I have told my local mothing friends about the site and they are equally enthusiastic.

John Cloyne
2 Fordington Road,
SO22 5AL

michael joules - 20 February 2002
the web site needs a picture gallery
Robin Storkey - 20 February 2002
A great site, I will be back soon.
Chris Holt - 17 February 2002
For someone who is just getting started on moths may I take this opportunity to say what a superb site this is; it has helped me enormously already. Thank you.
Tim Walker - 14 February 2002
I've only just discovered this site thanks to a friend. What an excellent find and ally for the forthcoming moth season! You have my whole hearted support for this venture. Particularily helpful willl be the micros - bane of my life!

Best wishes for ongoing evolution.

THW 14/02/02

Saeeda Nargis Viqar - 13 February 2002
this is a very useful site for research purpose. I am also doing research on moths as a family of Arctiidae (Tiger Moths) of Pakistan, from University of Karachi, Pakistan. I have collected about 1000 different specimens of moths and now I am doing Taxonomy of that. therefore, I will visit daily of this site. Finally I will say it is a great site. Thanks.
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