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Betty - 30 June 2014
Hi,Thought you might like to know that yesterday I saw a Cinnabar Moth in my back garden here in Cardiff.Checked the internet to make sure of it as I don't know much about them!It IS beautiful!My garden is geared to attract Butterflies (Moths)Bees & a variety of Birds from humble Sparrows to even Sparrowhawks etc.
Ray Garside - 27 June 2014
26 June 2014 - A black and red moth about 15mm to 20mm across its wings landed on my drive in the daylight. It's wings were open at rest and looked butterfly-like. A closer inspection showed crimson-red underwings and completely black fore-wings. The closest moth I can identify is the Cinnabar but the photos I've seen show some red on the leading edges of the fore-wings. Is this a variation? The location was ST11 9ST.
Carol Smail - 24 June 2014
Two pairs of Scarlett tiger moths by garden pond in Somerset 24/6/14
Siobhan Coyle - 24 June 2014
I work for a wildlife trust and do a parks education programme with local schools, noticed over last two weeks getting more moths while sweep netting than have been finding over past few years of this programme in June. Today had a great session and found a Gold Spangle. This website was a great to help to me to ID the moth. I have just let the teacher know what it was so she can let the kids know tomorrow. I am getting inspired to make an effort to get to grips with the more common urban/garden species!
Dave Hatton - 19 June 2014

I have used your site for a number of years now, and found it to be a great asset when trying to identify an unfamiliar species.

I photographed a micro today, which appears if it might be a melanic
form of the Hawthorn Moth. Would you like to take a look at it?

Dave Hatton
richard tree - 19 June 2014
saw a large privet hawk moth on shop front step at Wells Next the Sea norfolk today
Pete Burton - 18 June 2014
Hiya, i saw an absolutely stunning moth at work last night. After searching your site i discovered it was very similar in shape to the elephant hawk moth and was a strange reddish pink colour. On each of its wings was a black circular pattern of some sort. Im very keen to find out what it was and would appreciate an e mail reply. Thanks in advance.
Lankyshirelad - 18 June 2014
I believe I saw a hummingbird moth today but unsure. It was in flight with lower orange wings and fluffy black and white rear end. I had never seen one before it was beuatiful. I live in Hull
Emma Spary - 17 June 2014
Hi, after sending my previous message, I then realised I was searching the database in the wrong way. I've now identified it! Apologies.
Emma Spary - 17 June 2014
Hello, on Sunday I spotted a moth I don't recognise and was wondering whether anyone can identify it.

I have a photo, but can't seem to upload it here. It was in the train station at Shepreth, Cambs.

It's approx. 2cm wide when resting, perhaps a little bigger. It has striking lemon yellow wings with small cinnamon and black markings on the outer wing edge, and a pattern of fainter black spots in lines across the rest of the wing.



Phil Glover - 15 June 2014

I noticed a beautiful moth in the garden on July 14th. and searched Google Images for British moths and I discovered it was a Scarlet Tiger moth. I also discovered your excellent website, which I've now bookmarked..

If it's of interest, I saw it in our garden in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, in the Midlands. I noticed that the moth is often found in the South / South-West of the UK, and hope to see more if they are heading North!

All the best,

Phil Glover.
Melanie Lockhart - 15 June 2014
There was a moth in my porch! I took a photo but can't identify it. Please may I send the photo to you so that you may identify it for me?
Fingers x'd!
Kind regards
Melanie Lockhart
Pembury, Kent
Laura Allen - 13 June 2014
Hi I'm trying to find what type of moth I have found.
They are about three inches long with a black and white head and black and brown wings. I can't seem to find similar ones in reference.
Liz Norris - 11 June 2014
I have an allotment and love finding the wildlife living there. This week I found a small magpie moth and two ermine moths (so beautiful). Two years ago I found an elephant hawkmoth and hoped it would return here but have not seen it since. Wondered if it was helpful to you to know which species are where across the UK.
ian essery - 11 June 2014
found lime hawk moth on my garden fence in wigston leicester, thought wow beautiful colours, my daughter wishes she saw it too
hilary winter - 10 June 2014
I live in Oxford and have two garden tiger moths in my small back garden for the last two days they seem to stay mainly on the grass and only fly a bit eratic for short periods is this normal behaviour
Monique - 8 June 2014
Hi Ian,
I love your site and have used it a couple of times to look up the name of a species I have found in our garden. We live in Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, and this evening I found, what I believe to be a Heart and Dart moth in our little wildflower patch in the garden. Is Herts a common area for this moth? Thanks!
Tony Rogers - 8 June 2014
Very useful.
Steven Barrett - 8 June 2014
Hi, I saw a very unusual looking Moth yesterday. I took a photo and wondered whether someone could identify it for me. Is there someone I could send it to?
Thanks in advance, Steven
Sian - 4 June 2014

Me and my boyfriend LOVE moths :) and he was lucky enough to come across an absolute beauty at his place of work last month! I've tried to identify it but I've had no joy, I was wondering if you could help? We do have some pictures of it, and I was wondering if I could send them to you!

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you :)
Mr Waring - 3 June 2014
We have a photo of the lime tree moth mating on our motorhome tyre. Would you like us to forward a copy. Atherton, Manchester
Simon Wild - 1 June 2014
Hello Ian,

I have entered a post on the Facebook page regarding Bird Cherry Ermine in Oldham, not too far away from yourself.

Best regards,

Jim - 31 May 2014
I have photos of a moth which appeared in the garden (Somerset) today.

I cannot identify it from your pictures. May I send you the photos?


Lesley Chambers - 28 May 2014

Hello to you. I'm witnessing several incidents of maximum 5, minimum 1 Cinnabar moths in my Aunt's property. On one occasion there were a different 2 on ragwort and grass stem. Am I experiencing some sort of record or is this a common occurrence?

Look forward to hearing from you.


PAUL WRIGHT - 27 May 2014
Hi, just walked section of Pembrokeshire Coast Path on 15 May, and found a striking, small black/white/cream moth (alive and well unlike a lot of species trampled on keeping out of the wind!). Your excellent site led me to Anania funebris. Not a common moth...location between Strumble Head and eastward to Carregwasted Point (1.5 miles or so).

Many thanks. Paul
Ivaylo Todorov - 26 May 2014
Dear Authors,
Please, could you send me a correct form for citation of this database, which I can use in scientific publications. I intend to use some information about Tischeria ekebladella.
Sincerely yours,
I. Todorov
Gary Hacking - 16 May 2014
Hi there, I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice. Over the last couple of months we seem to be getting a large number of moths in our house, two to three a day keep appearing. They're the small brown/tan coloured ones. Is this common around now with the weather being how it's been or is there something in my house I should be looking at which is attracting them. We don't have lights on windows open and they seem to be appearing in all rooms not just confined to one. I don't want to kill them I just want to remove the reason for so many of them being here. Any help would be great.
Deborah - 11 May 2014
I think I've found a new moth for your collection. It's about 1cm long with short stripy antennae and black and gold wings I have a picture of it as it was on my window. I live in Newcastle uk
Malcolm Herbert - 7 May 2014
Great site. I am only just getting interested in British moths and have been a bit lost trying to get some basic knowledge, especially on identification. This site is simple, very easy to use, effective and readily accessible. Excellent.
David Barnes - 27 April 2014
Your website proved very useful in the identification of my latest moth find. Being a complete amateur of moths (but fascinated by these critters), I located in my local Woods near Herne Bay in Kent what I believe to be a Light Emerald Moth. I note that this usually doesn't come out until June but to find one in April is therefore a real bonus. I have some poor pics if you would like to see them.

Kind regards

David Barnes
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