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Angela Gladwell - 31 August 2014
Dear UK Moths,
I think you should update the Gypsy Moth record as they are alive and well in London and elsewhere. I reported my sighting of a female newly hatched on a tree in Herne Hill London to the Natural History museum last week (they confirmed my identification from my photo) and they suggested I let you know.
Best wishes
Gary - 30 August 2014
Just seen a hummingbird clearwing moth on my decking at the rear of my flat near the North downs, Reigate Surrey. Is this common?
carolyn - 28 August 2014
Hi, i was camping bank hol aug weekend, near swanage and came upon a peculiar looking creature that appeared to half moth/ grub. The shaft of its body had no fur and it was almost caterpiller like, yet appeared to have very miniscule wings, almost as though they had not grown????????

What is this creature??

Thanks Caz.
Abbie - 25 August 2014
Just found a Rosy Underwing in Gloucester, England. It's huge!!
Helen Taylor - 21 August 2014
Hi are you planning an android app?
Thanks Helen
Darren cousins - 20 August 2014
We have noticed a Jersey Tiger Moth has been visiting our garden in Somerset recently in the middle of August. After taking a few photos it took a while to identify but never the less what a beautiful looking Moth.
Peter Clarke - 19 August 2014
Just to let you know that there was a Sulphur Pearl moth (confirmed by someone on the National History Museum website) in the Knebworth Woods area near Stevenage yesterday afternoon (18 Aug). I do have a photo (albeit not great quality) of it.
wendy trott - 16 August 2014
I have just found a Kentish Glory caterpillar in my garden in Suffolk. Is this unusual as I understand they are now mainly limited to Scotland. No birch or alder in vicinity but acer and conifer.
Jan Mills - 16 August 2014
I found this site a couple of years ago and usually turn to it first if I find a moth that I don't recognise (which is most of them!). So far I have managed to identify most of my finds through the keyword search - brilliant!
Peter - 10 August 2014
A great, generous site dedicated to an under-loved and dwindling species
Vic Chapman - 8 August 2014
The keyword search was useful in identifying one of the many very colourful Jersey moths which we have in South London this year.
mark Chapman - 7 August 2014
Your site was a great help in identifying a garden tiger moth. Brighton. E,Sussex
Chris Ward - 6 August 2014
Over the last two weeks I have spotted the Jersey Tiger moth several times. I live in Beckenham, Kent and my friends have seen them in the Crystal Palace area and Downe in Kent.
Richard in Guernsey - 3 August 2014
Spotted and photo'd yesterday a beautiful yellow and black stripped Jersey Tiger moth resting on window sill here in Guernsey. A couple of weeks ago witnessed a Privet Hawk wrestling a large spider on my decking !
Kenneth wright - 3 August 2014
Saw one of these beautiful moths in the garden about three minutes ago and had to look it up as hadn't seen one before. I live on the edge of dartmoor the south part.
Philip Mernick - 1 August 2014
I found your web site ideal for identifying a strange looking moth as a Jersey Tiger. For your information they must have spread out of South London because I saw about 6 of them in the Limmo Peninsula part of Canning Town, East London today.
chris pearson - 28 July 2014
i have just seen two pyrausta aurata moths in my garden and have read on your website they eat mint, marjoram and lemon balm i grow these three herbs in my garden and i am pleased to see such a pretty little moth that i havn't seen before
Barbara - 28 July 2014
Had an extraordinary moth in the garden which sent me to your site. It was apparently a Jersey Tiger, though we're in East London! I looked at the garden tiger picture too but the pattern on its closed wings was very angular, straight lines.
Anyway thanks, got me inspired to look for some more! (I'm a bird watcher normally!)
Julia Larsson - 28 July 2014
Once again your site helped me i/d a moth very easily. Pyrausta aurata - I have these visiting my garden in SE London at the moment and also saw one at a garden centre yesterday.

Ian Bayne - 27 July 2014
Saw an Old Lady moth (Mormo maura) last night on Buddleia at my house at Dunblane. I wonder if they've been recorded in this area?
ErnGarner - 27 July 2014
Totally wonderful site. You have helped me identify species. I am a total novice, but learning fairly rapidly(despite advancing years).If I can't find it in my reference books you are always my first and only choice.

Thank you seems far to small a thing to say, but THANK YOU
Hazel Lloyd - 24 July 2014
Saw a beautiful moth/butterfly in the garden the other night and again tonight. Have now identified it as a 'Jersey Tiger'. Thank you, your page was very helpful.

Wallington, Surrey, SM6 9QT
Valerie Coast - 23 July 2014
I spotted some moths and asked some friends for an ID and they pointed me to this site and said they were a male and female oak eggar, I saw them last night in Portsmouth at 7pm
Tony Knox - 23 July 2014
Just spot and photographed (not terribly well) Euplagia quadripunctaria Jersey Tiger Moth in my London garden, just off Coldharbour Lane between Camberwell and Brixton. Thanks to your site was able to ID.
Malcolm - 23 July 2014
Hi i came across your site when i was researching a very beautiful moth i photographed in our hedge,but it was not in my book and thanks to your wonderful web site i was able to identify it as a jersey tiger.
This year seems to be a good year for moths and butterflys,it seems our our efforts in creating a wildlife garden are really paying of.
Many thanks and keep up the good work.
Gill Smart - 23 July 2014
I just wanted to thank you for this site - I've developed a mild obsession with working out what the moths that fly into the house at night are and this is invaluable. Thank you!
Linda Marsden - 18 July 2014
Treating our Hawthorn, for Hawthorn moth invasion. Identified on your website - thanks.
Linda, Blackburn, Lancashire.
peter dorman - 7 July 2014
hello.have just captured & released a very striking moth which I identified as a Clifden Nonpariel.i did manage to photograph it but not a very good one!I live near Wigan.Not a common visitor I believe.Hope this is useful to you.
N.Gardner - 5 July 2014
12 pine hawks in m.v. trap this 2 found record for this species in one night, Also an old lady moth -didn't know they came to light.
Martin - 2 July 2014
We have found in our Close [flat stairwell], in Glasgow a beautiful specimen of a Swallow-tailed Moth (Ourapteryx sambucaria) which is a bright yellow colour, no idea where it came from, and somewhat pleased to find it's rare to find without searching. Wondered if you where interested in me sending you some pictures of said Moth?

WE used your website to identify the critter!


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