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Gill Learner - 9 February 2011
Inspired by Michael McCarthy's article in 'The Independent' 14.01.2011, I have written a poem including many of the wonderful names he mentioned and others that I found on your website.
Thank you.
Barry - 2 February 2011
Thanks for your site. I was moth recorder for a natural history society in West Yorks some years ago and it is always good to see positive things about moths as they get far to much negative publicity in the eye of the general public. Although I have a few guides it is always useful to have another source of information and who knows you may inspire me to have my trap out more often in East Yorks this year. Keep up the good work.
Olivia Baker - 23 January 2011
Hi uncle Ian
Just checking out your website [very impressed]!!!!!:)
Love from your favourite niece
Olivia xx
Glen - 18 January 2011
Found a few of the moths I've snapped around my house over the last year.. still struggling to find an orange one I have a pic (not great) of though.
Tina Anderson - 15 December 2010
Dark Tussock (Dicallomera fascelina)I found this caterpillar in my house in October and put it in a glass jar (with air holes) Very shortly it spun a cocoon and an extensive amount of silk all around the inside of the jar. It is mid december 2010 and it just emerged from the cocoon. Not sure now what to do because it is freezing out not. Don't know what to feed it, don't know if I should put it outside.... Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted. The moth is about 2 inches long and a dove gray with a darker slender gray line across the back.

Is this moth usual for Sheffield? And is the time of year dangerous to put it out? I wonder if being inside has made the moth come out of cocoon much too soon.
Bob - 9 December 2010
Just wanted to say how grateful I am to find so much good information about moths on one site.
Thankyou for going to so much work and effort to put it together.
As a beginner with moths it is greatly appreciated.
ashley smith - 9 December 2010
I have been very impressed by your sight! It really is superb..I am very much a bit of a moth fanatic every time I see one I just shriek!! They are such magical and beautiful creatures...thankyou for this sight it has brought me such joy,
Yours as a fellow moth magnet :)
Ashley Francis Smith
Peter Hunt - 23 November 2010
Thank you for providing such an interesting and informative site.
I reside on the Isle of Wight and spend alot of time watching butterflies and dragonflies.
I think I will also turn my attention to moths,thanks in part to this site.
nigel hannay - 22 November 2010
friends found hawkmoth larvae on grape vine in their green house.they all disappeared so have presumably pupated.they said they were brown,had an 'eye' and spike.has the elephant hawk been recorded on this plant?not likely to have been silver-striped which is the only species that i have read about feeding on vines.any ideas?
Lucy Lewis - 20 November 2010
Excellent site. Have used it often for alternative images of moths.
Jon Humphries - 13 November 2010
Hi,Left our outside light on accidentaly last night,this morning there were 15 identical moths resting around it.I have always been interested in Lepidoptera and with perseverance was able to indentify them from your site as 'Feathered Thorns'.A brilliant site which I shall use a lot in the future. Keep up the good work.
Kind regards. Jon Humphries(Bodmin,Cornwall)
mick langridge - 4 November 2010
terry ellacott - 4 November 2010
I like your web site and use it quite often.
What I would find really useful would be a thumbnail page for caterpillars.
Frederick Woodcock - 2 November 2010
Second time on site but very interesting.
Mark Ambler - 31 October 2010
Just spotted a Hummingbird Hawk Moth in our garden this morning (31/10/10 Seaton, Cumbria) and looked it up on your site. Never seen one before and was curious as to identify what it was. Thanks for the good pictures to aid identification.
Initially thought I had some kind of foreign migrant, and in describing it to the family they were dubious, so picture and explanation were invaluable.
keith smith - 26 October 2010
I live near Grantham Lincolnshire (NG334DG)and it is difficult to find a tree that is NOT AFFECTED but on our golf course (Belton Park) Sweet Chestnuts which adjoin the damaged Horse Chestnuts seem to be untouched, why is this?

Regards Keith.
osica - 18 October 2010
can i just say i think this animal is truely amazing! never before have i seen an animal so beautiful and bold !!!! i love moths so much i have a wardrobe full of them ! my favourite i must say is THE PEPPERED MOTH
Emily - 15 October 2010
a very useful site to have found :)
keith leaning - 14 October 2010
found a large moth on my silver birch tree trunk, took photos did'nt know what it was till i looked it up on your site, i now know that it was a lime hawk moth beautiful colouration ( i live in lincolnshire )
many thanks.
Wendy Mayne - 12 October 2010
Hi Ian

Thank you for such an easy to use website. I have a good field guide, but it is helpful to find another view of a moth confirming my identification. Just found a red line quaker in Aberdeenshire.
antony webber - 11 October 2010
i have a picture or two of the pink spotted hawk moth if you would like them cant find the link for your email
Chris - 6 October 2010
Found two large larva in grassy sand dunes, on the south coast today.
Grass Eggar looks OK, but these were dark brown with black hairs.
What else could they be please?.
Caitlin - 6 October 2010
Hi, i'm currently studying Fine Art at The University Of Wales Institute Cardiff and am interested in catching some moths to document and use in my artwork but due to the expensive price of the traps I am unable to do it by myself, i am just wondering if anyone lives in the Cardiff area that wouldn't mind me joining them on a night/morning they go out go find and catch moths to help me with my work? If anyone is interested then you can contact me by emailing Enable JavaScript to view protected content. .
Jessica Allen - 1 October 2010
Thank you for letting me use your site researching an OU question in Neighbourhood Nature. It was very helpful.
Joanne Alley - 30 September 2010
The photographs on this site are wonderful and I love just looking through them and remembering the moths I have caught and released myself. I am not great at photography and having access to such excellent pictures here means I can concentrate on identifying moths I catch, and even get some help in working out what they are. Thanks for a great website.
Rebecca Hague - 27 September 2010
I found a big moth
Graham Peter King - 25 September 2010
Hello, thank you for your informative site!

I used it for help in identifying what I think may be a Light Brown Apple Moth, Epiphyas postvittana. I saw this unfamilar moth on a stone wall in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland KY1 1JT (behind Greener Kirkcaldy environmental advice centre) on 19th September 2010.

h t t p://w w w!/photo.php?pid=238745&id=100000857875745&ref=fbx_album

h t t p://w w w

Checking elsewhere online, I haven't seen this northward-spreading species yet recorded from this area, so I wonder if my sighting may be of interest.

Jo - 24 September 2010
Hello, We've just found a lovely caterpillar wondering around a car park! We'd love to know what it is but haven't been able to identify it online. Guessing its some kind of moth.

Its 1.5'' long very pale brown in colour but with tiny minty green spots all over its back. It has one blue spike at the back. Its face is almost triangular.

We'd love to know what it might like to eat so we can find the best place to put it back.

Many thanks.
Sue Agnew - 23 September 2010
Just a quick comment - your site is excellent and provides a superb back up if I am not 100% sure from skinner or other books. I'm also using it to search for macros (a long and sometimes daunting task!). One small plea - can you request photos of more scottish varieties: whilst the pictures are superb, they are often pristine 'book-like' southern versions.
Keep up the excellent work.
Michael - 20 September 2010
Sorry, gave incorrect email address on last comment.
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