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Mark Maddox - 31 May 2011
I am fairly sure I saw a beautiful brown china mark moth on Sunday (29th May) but it is said to fly in July and August. I do have a photo, is this just a particularly early sighting?
david thomas - 31 May 2011
saw 2 small, indentical, moths in garden yesterday, sorry no photograph. They were darkish brown, about 1cm body length and just over 1 cm wing span with bright yellow spot on each wing. Any idea please?
Mac - 30 May 2011
Wow! Just found the site. As someone who is just beginning to try to take a more than passing interest and to try to identify moths and butterflies I can see this will be invaluable. I think I have already identified a Garden Carpet, but struggling with what my crummy old book had lead me to believe was a Drinker, but looks unlikely from the pictures and info. here. The search continues. Fantastic, thankyou.
steven - 26 May 2011
I found a moth i was just wondering what it is
Buzz Clark - 26 May 2011
Wonderful site . Easy to use. A wonderful resource. Congrats
Eric Eddles - 21 May 2011
I used your wonderful site to-day and as a novice at identification believe I have found a moth I photographed on Eastney beach in Portsmouth this week as a Yellow Belle.I was truly amazed when I cropped the photo and saw the fantastic feathered antennae and will add it to my collection.Again many many thanks for this wondeful site.Mr.Eric.J.Eddles
Hanneke - 18 May 2011
Hi, Can I send a picture to Identify? I cannot find this moth's name anywhere! I made the picture on Borneo. Thanks!
LIonel Burgess - 15 May 2011
I have been recording the moth species in my urban garden for 3 years and have found the site to be an invaluable reference, especially for information on the micro species where information is generally scant.
I am now a regular contributor to my local county moth group and submit records/photos to the respective county macro/micro recorders.
I hope your site continues to expand, with added information and more photographs/identification field marks etc...Many thanks.
seth - 11 May 2011
Hi , after putting my moth trap out last night , I caught a moth which did not seem to be in the \"consise guide \" It was a creamy-light brown (very very light) and its only visible features were a black spot on each wing .. does any body know what this might be .. I have no photo as it escaped as I was identifying it ..Very useful site anyhow...
Diane Maxfield - 9 May 2011
Brilliant! Such a helpful site.
Pat Cager - 8 May 2011
I found a moth on my Rosemary bush this morning and I had never seen one like it before. Thanks to your site I found out it was a Pyrausta aurata. I live on the Isle of Wight but have lived in several places on the mainland and have never seen this moth anywhere before, is it very common?
Pete Hillman - 7 May 2011
Hi Ian,
I would like to thank you and congratulate you and your contributers/sponsors on a superb site! This is \"the\" best site for those of us interested in the fabulous world of moths and who need help identifying what they discover for themselves and would like to know more about them. Amidst my wide range of paper literature on the subject, I find the ease of use of your site, its concise and extensive encylopaedic base a valuable asset as I am sure do many others!
Keep up the good work! Wishing you the best ... and happy hunting for those elusive species!

Kind regards

Peter Hoole - 6 May 2011
Brilliant, no more thumbing through my set of \"South\".

Suggest \"wingspan\" or \"fore-wing length\" as a characteristic for your enhanced search. I expect you are way ahead of me.
Anne Wingfield - 6 May 2011
Thank you to your web site.
I have just identified a Pseudoips prasinana resting on my door. sounds like it might be a little early!
thanks Annie
Ruth - 4 May 2011
A fascinating site... thank you!

I have so enjoyed all the moth pictures. I am not an expert, and know very little about moths. I came here to try and find out what kind of moth flew into my bedroom a few nights ago. (In Lancashire)

She was a beautiful brown/silver moth just over inch in length (can't tell the wingspan - her wings were mostly folded!) and she had many small yet almost fluorescent bright pink spots on her wings.

Unfortunately I didn't see a picture on the site that even closely resembled her... and I don't know enough about moths to do a name search.

If you have any ideas I'd love to know about my beautiful late-night

Warm Regards,

Peter Mansfield - 29 April 2011
A fantastic site. A couple of weeks ago it helped me identify a Pyrausta aurata that inexplicably is not in my identification book. Last night I undertook my first moth trapping of the year. Is it too early for a Rustic (Hoplodrina blanda)? If so, then I can't think of anything else it could be. I also trapped a moth that I believe to be an Acronita of some description, but do not know which one. Would you do an identification, if I were to email photographs to you??

Thanks once again for the site. It will be a saviour as I come to grips with all the subtly different moths.

iain macrury - 28 April 2011
found a moth on south uist i had never seen before and it turned out to be a puss moth, info on site was helpful thanks
seth dunn , age 12 - 23 April 2011
Dear uk moths .. I am relitivly new to the \"mothy scene\" but in the winter ( not many moths !)I built a \"skinner\" style trap out of wood and have bought a 14 flourescent tube light ... on Alana ecolgy they sell \" atatnic \" lights which I assume are the same thing as a flourescent tube and have put it out twice in the last few very warm nights .
So far I have had no success and until last night I had seen no large moths , last night I saw a huge (I mean it) moth land on a privet hedge in my garden but still did get anuthing in my egg trays in the morning .. Is it normal not to catch much at this time of year ? ( according to my Consise guide there are not that many big uns about in april ) The gap between the the two perspex sheets is about 1 inch , is that to big .. ? Or should I get a ultraviliot fish tank light and use that insted ?? Best wishes , Seth
Emma - 22 April 2011

I have a photo of a moth, I was wondering if you could possibly identify it for me. It's the biggest moth I've ever seen in my life, it made a lot of noise whilst banging against my window trying to get to the light. I am in Wales and I've never seen a moth like it. It has four eyes on it's wings very, very fluffy body. It's pale in colour with buff markings.

Mant thanks

Marion Clayton - 19 April 2011
I live in Orpington, Kent. Whilst sitting in the garden today (19/04/2011) I noticed several long horn moths on the leaves of a sycamore tree. They were as you said \"dancing in the sunshine\". They were about ten feet off the ground so sadly no photos possible but I was able to see them clearly with binoculars.
Interesting website.
Francisco Urra Lagos - 18 April 2011
Dear sirs:

Do you have this article?

Costen, P.M. 2001. Nemapogon variatella (Clemens) (Lep.: Tineidae) imported in Spanish mushrooms, and a larval description. Entomologist?s Record & Journal of Variation, 113: 263-264.

Best regards

Francisco Urra Lagos - 18 April 2011
Dear sirs:

I need information on Nemapogon variatella (Tineidae). Do you have any description? I would like have the description that appears in the book Emmet, A.M. (Ed.) A Field Guide to the Smaller British Lepidoptera (1988)or other.

Best regards

Ian Daglish - 17 April 2011
Brilliant site, it makes all the difference to see the photographs of the real thing, against the publications where it is sometimes arkward to obtain a positive identity. Please keep up the good work.
Rose, London - 16 April 2011
Hi, I know nothing about moths and I've found a pretty though plain moth in my home. This site seems really in depth but I still can't seem to find out what moth this is. I assume it's pretty common.

Speckled light brown with a single black dot on the either wing, also a black rim on the tips of the wing - it also almost looks like it has no head, with a slightly furry upperpart and no antennae that I can see. It's small, about 2cm.

Any help?
Dillanger - 11 April 2011
GlALGW IMHO you've got the right answer!
Samuel Millar - 3 April 2011
I've found this site really useful - thanks for putting it together!
Phill Morris - 29 March 2011
Just had Dorset Wildlife trust confirm my sighting of the picture I sent them of - 1361 Pyrausta aurata - who refered me to theis very usefull site - ty
Barbara Whiteman - 11 March 2011
Just checking out your site to try to identify some photos I have taken of moths.
andrew - 1 March 2011
best uk moth site out there!!
Micheline B?luse - 16 February 2011
I live in Pointe-Claire, Qu?bec is very cold here in the winter and the snow is piled high! Yesterday, I was in my spinning studio and saw what I thought was a spot under my window. I grabbed a rag and was going to remove it...It was NOT a spot, but a Small Magpie Moth. I had a merry chase to find out what it was on the internet though. It took me a good 2 hours. I was worried that it was a special kind of moth that would wreak havoc in my wool inventory and historical garments. Once I zeroed in on who this moth was, I called the entomology department at McGill University and the lady who answered the phone allayed my fears. I had the moth in a glass looking at her. She was beautiful, tiny and delicate. It was suggested that I put her in the freezer and kill her. Well, that wasn't an option. I set the little magpie loose in the living room and hope she enjoys orchids because spring and wild flowers come in May in Qu?bec. Are these animals common in Canada? Thanks
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