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Gwen - 28 June 2011
What a great site! I just spotted the most strange looking moth in garden. Dashed indoors for my camera, but it had gone. A quick look on your site, and I quickly identified it as a hummingbird moth. What an amazing creature! I really hope it comes back, as I habe never seem anything like it before.
kicky - 27 June 2011
i cannot identify a moth that visited me last night in my bedroom!
I need to identiy it as it has laid eggs and in order to look after the larve i will need to now what they eat.
please could you contact me as i dont know what to do for the best interests of this moths off spring.
Andy Harding - 24 June 2011
Hello Ian
This is a brilliant site. I've always had a residual interest in the larger more obvious moths, but have only tried to ID everything I can find in my local square since the beginning of this I have a very steep learning curve for which your site is a great help
Thanks very much
Andy Harding

ps No reply needed
Ros Hughes - 23 June 2011
What a lovely and informative site :)
You have helped me to identify a beautiful and surprising visiter.
This afternoon I was sitting in a friend's small cottage garden of at least 200 years provenance, nestled next to the church here in Stonesfield, a small village on the edge of the Cotswolds in W. Oxfordshire. At around 12 midday we both observed a large flying insect (about one and a half inches across wings) hovering around a clump of pink phlox. The hovering and the exceptionaly long proboscis it was feeding with reminded me of humming birds. I've never seen one here before, but I knew they could be summer visiters from my lifelong fascination with garden insects. Your site confirmed it was a Hummingbird Hawkmoth.
We are hoping to see it again and will try to photograph it.
Considering the hard winter, is this an unusual sighting? Can we look forward to seeing more of them?
Best Wishes
Mr P Clarke - 23 June 2011
Thankyou; I've hopefully identified the moths seen this afternoon, by using your search facility; bright red spots, black body, seen in a Suffolk field; presuming it has to be a Burnett 5 spot.
Your site assisted me more than the two books we have in determining this.
Margery Griffin - 23 June 2011
Often use the site to check out my catches. Find the photos a great help. My hope is to contribute a photo sometime of one you haven't got! Keep up the good work please.
Ken Hannard - 22 June 2011
noticed an unusual moth this morning attached to my fencing in Newcastle upon tyne
checked your web site for identification and i think it is a Black arch,but this only appears in the South
have i mis read the I.D
Andrea Maiorano - 21 June 2011
I was looking for information about Ostrinia nubilalis in Great Britain and I found what I was looking for (number of generations). Thanks!
Louise Eklof - 20 June 2011
Very useful site - identified a moth that I'd never seen before in less than a minute!! Thought to be rare - turned out to be number 3 of the 20 most common beginners unidentified moths - a Lime Hawk. An impressive moth nonetheless - thanks for your help
tony richardson - 19 June 2011
my daughter found a privet hawk moth in our garden.we took some photos and used your website to identify.great website many thanks keep up the good work.
Brilliant! I found a Swallowtail Moth at work yesterday and had no idea what it was - except that it was beautiful! Logged onto your Top Twenty just now and identified it instantly .Willdefinitely add this to my Favourites .
Richard D.
Kirsty - 17 June 2011
Hello we used your site to find out what the very large moth was that we found. It was very useful. Turned out to be a privet hawk moth. Based in Elsham, Lincolnshire so they are getting further north!
Steve Clements-Jewery - 17 June 2011
My neighbour has a photo taken in North Wiltshire recently. The only identification I can make is
Zygaena ephialtes, the Variable Burnet. Is this possible? Have other sightings been made in the
Terry - 17 June 2011
Found what I was looking for.. Riband Wave in SE London.. your site has far more moths to sift through than any book I know!
Andy Dickens - 17 June 2011
Great site, I was lucky and found yesterday a huge moth which thanks to your site I know for sure was a 1976 Privet Hawk-moth and also got a picture on my phone.What a fantastic moth!!!!!!!
Brian Sanderson - 17 June 2011
I photogtaphed a small magpie moth in my garden 16/06/11. I had not seen this one before!
Tim Hemmings - 16 June 2011
Great Website.
James Ridley - 15 June 2011
Excellent site, very informative for a complete newcomer like myself.
Bridget Jackson - 15 June 2011
This was a great way to identify a couple of moths I'd never seen before - a Scarlet Tiger Moth in my sister's garden in Oxford and a Hummingbird Hawk moth here in my garden in Cheshire. Is it unusual for them to be this far north?
Anton - 15 June 2011

Great Site, just identified a lime hawk moth in our small garden, in Cleveleys, just of the coast, north of Blackpool

Tom - 14 June 2011

A species of moth, that I'd certainly not seen before, hitched a ride on my car today. I used your site and have identified it as a Burnet Moth (unsure as to which one specifically).

Was unaware of just how many species exist in the UK.

Great website. Thank you for satisfying my curiosity.
stuie glover - 13 June 2011
great site loads of info
colin bowes - 9 June 2011
Spotted a lovely moth in our garden in Lytham St Annes , Lancashire on 31st May 2011 and from your site identified it as a Lime Hawkmoth . Great site..very interesting.
Martyn Randles - 8 June 2011
Thank you Ian for such a great, informative and very user friendly website, especially to a complete novice.

I used your website to identify a moth I filmed over a period of eight days. And just wanted to take the time to personally thank you.

I've emailed you a link to the film.

Many thanks and kindest regards,

Matthew Gandy - 6 June 2011
Dear Ian,

Fantastic site! I have a design suggestion - could the thumbnails be differentiated by adults, larva etc. as for the site - this would be enormously useful for the initial scanning of key groups for identification purposes.

peter cross - 5 June 2011
ive just seen a golden moth in my garden have never seen this type before ive tracked it down to be the Adela thorpella is this rare for the uk
Martin Smith - 4 June 2011

Lovely site.
We found a dark moth this morning in our bathroom - little eyes at the top corners of the wings. We can't find it anywhere on here, but we have really enjoyed looking at the pictures.

Rob - 3 June 2011
Excellent easy to use and the most complete guide I've found I hope your site continues to expand, with more photographs/identification many thanks. I hope to be able to contribute photographs in the future.
Paul Mangham - 3 June 2011
Thankyou. We found a moth this morning in the garden. We took a photo of it as we did not recognise it. Your site has helped us identify it perfectly.
Mike Ayers - 2 June 2011
Marvellous site, if I find a moth you need a photo for I will definitely try and get one, however whilst doing some night trapping with an experimental fly trap I also caught a Plodia interpunctella. As this is in Yorkshire and outside I consider this really quite unusual, I am used to finding it it in clients factories but outside? Are they normally found outside in the UK?

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