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Peter Beach - 12 August 2011
Great site, very informative and helped me identify a Jersey Tiger in my Croydon garden
Charles Dale - 11 August 2011
Thanks for this website. I have searched through my natural history books , but could not find what I was looking for. Thanks to your easy to use facility I discovered straight away that what I'd seen in my garden in Brittany near to Combourg was a Jersey Tiger. Very beautiful.
sweetiek - 10 August 2011
Thank you for creating such a brilliant site! I am new to moth watching having caught the bug (so to speak!) following attending some recent moth watching evenings local to me. now whenever any moths are attracted to our house lights at night I'm outside with my moth books and torch. and your site has proved invaluable in helping me to identify our guests. so informative, filled with amazing quality photos and so simple to search through.THANK YOU!!! this evenings visitor has been a first sighting for me - a Large Emerald.
Jonathan Barnett - 9 August 2011

I've just seen what looks like an Orange Underwing. It was quite large, around 60mm wingspan, plus I've read on the site that Orange Underwings fly early in the year. Any idea what it could be?


Jonathan Barnett
Drew Allan - 7 August 2011
Very comprehensive site. Helped me and my children identify a Jersey Tiger. Will be visiting more often from now on.
Sally - 6 August 2011
Great search facility - made it quick and easy to id the Jersey Tiger resting on my plum tree in SE15.
debra flowers - 5 August 2011
Hi, I've got a pic. of a Cinnabar under a wasp from Salem, Oregon.
Kath Holt - 4 August 2011
Great site, congratulations. I have visited quite a lot and can always find the info I want.
Kate - 3 August 2011
I've found a red underwing, still alive but with no legs. Does anyone know of any insect or disease that would cause this? Or is this a case of human cruelty? It cant fly but it is wobbling around on its undercarriage with its proboscis going in and out occasionally. I know I should despatch it but really I can't do that with my foot or a stone. Is there any humane way of killing it?
Adrien Harders - 3 August 2011
thanks ever so much for the help in narrowing down I.D. of a moth which had somehow got into my shower-room ! it turned out to be a French Red Underwing .. a truly magnificent work of art with the \"two\" moths cleverly imposed upon one another .. a small red and black one to fool the predators and the much larger (minimum 80mms) marbled dark brown-grey able to hide itself easily on bark. Question is .. what was it doing in my shower room? I had all windows and doors open last night as very hot here in Spain,but shower room is in centre of flat !! little by little am more interested in moths as there?s such a variety here. Thanks to all for brilliant site. is there one for butterflies ?
keith evans - 3 August 2011
Hi have you got id for moth pic sent in email kind regards keith.
Tony John - 1 August 2011
I find your site incredibly useful for providing photos of moths not shown in any of my books. I use it regularly and am grateful to all those who set it up and operate it. Very much appreciated.
Martin Hind - 1 August 2011
A great site for double checking your own identifications of moths with great images. Will keep looking for new images to send in to add to the database.

Other sites could do with following this sites example.

Mrs Sally Howarth - 1 August 2011
Thankyou for your really useful site. I have just identified an, unfortunately, dead moth in my garden. It was a Ruby Tiger moth. I have previously had regular visits from Jersey Tiger moths so was delighted to find this. This year seems to be a particularly bad year for moths and butterflies but I did have a brief visit from a Hummingbird Hawk moth again, very pleased.
Julia Larsson - 31 July 2011
I found the Jersey Tiger moth I've been seeing recently in my garden (London, SE12). I used the keyword and found it immediately.

Glad I know what this beautiful moth is called.
Geoffrey Bryant - 30 July 2011
I have recently began to take an interest in moths after many years of of general interest in natural history. i found your website invaluable for species identification and for its huge knowledge base. well done, I have just seen my first Jersey Tiger moth on the Quay in Exeter, Devon.Unfortunately, I only had my camera phone with me! Would it be worth posting the sighting on to the local Wildlife Trust?
david lee - 28 July 2011
I have no real interest in moths before, although I have a guide to butterflies and moths given as christmas gift. Handy as I just saw my first Humming-bird Hawk moth in my front garden here in village just north of Stamford, Lincs.. Dashed in for camera but it had flown.
Rosamund Tanner-Tremaine - 28 July 2011
I've found it! I stayed to explore the site and at number 14 on the beginners list - Emmelina monodactyla ! I'd had no luck with the key-word search - down to my spelling no doubt! Complete pictorial info. None on distribution map for Cheshire so maybe we can change that if we find them next year on the 2012 National Moth Night.
Rosamund Tanner-Tremaine - 28 July 2011
Came to site after listening to Home Planet Tues 19th July. They have picture of a Bindweed Moth linked to programme information - (Terraphoradi? family Emilina teraadactylla ? My stab at writing what I thought I'd heard!) I was hoping to find pictures here of catapillers to identify in our garden. Do you have a picture of the moth - with a strange way of folding its wings to make a 'T' shape. If not maybe you could ask their contributor for her piccie.
Interesting site. I never knew there were so many moths! I'll be back.
Ash Hill - 27 July 2011
This website is brilliant for kids as well as adults. Where we live we have hundreds of different moths and the kids love to find out what they are and find other pictures of them.
Even my 4 year old is a dab hand and researching moths now :)
Ian Cooper - 25 July 2011
Recently saw what appears to be a Brown-spot Pinion on the window at home here in Attleborough Norfolk.
kitty valentine - 24 July 2011
hello, i am trying to identify a moth i found this week, could you help me if i sent a picture? i have really clear photographs of it!
thank you so much,
best wishes, kitty
Heather Gaumond - 23 July 2011
Good afternoon,
I live in Watervliet, New York, USA and captured a photo of what I believed to be a bumble bee. But after doing some research I believe it may be a Hemaris tityus (Narrow-bordered bee hawk-moth). I understand they are only found in certain areas in Europe, but was wondering if you have ever heard of them in the Northeast USA.
I didn't know who to contact, so thank you for your assistance.

Heather Gaumond
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Gerald Wiles - 23 July 2011
Know nothing about moths and unfortunately didn't get photo but almost sure I saw pair of Jersey moths yesterday afternoon in our car park in Sydenham London SE26.
Brian Reed - 22 July 2011
Hi Ian,

Thanks to your excellent web site I have just been able to identify a 'Pyrausta Aurata' moth which visited the Marjoram in my back garden this morning.
I'm very grateful.

Kind Regards
Richard Cassidy - 22 July 2011
Very useful site. I know nothing about moths, but saw one at lunchtime today on our kitchen window (London SE5). A quick Google for moths brought me here, entered a few identifying features, and there it was - a Jersey tiger, with your photo looking just the same as the one on our window. Thanks.
Ruth - 22 July 2011
Just found a Jersey Tiger Moth on my patio door window. (22/07/2011). I live between Bath & Bristol.

Is this interesting?

Emily - 22 July 2011

This website is great!

I've only recently got back into moths - but I'm so into them now! I usually have them identified on iSpot and then learn more about them on this site. Soon I'll be able to identify them on my own :)

I'm trying to learn as many moths as I can - you should have a \"random UK moth\" function so I can click it and learn about a different random UK moth each day.

Emily :)
animal connexions - 19 July 2011
fantasic site was able to identify straight away - saw my first hawk moth today - very beautiful & walked on my hand with its wings whirring - had to put it somewhere safe in the garden in case the dogs got it.
just delighted to have experienced it - keep up the good work thank you
mark memory - 18 July 2011
very helpfull and informative site
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