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L S - 26 September 2011
I live on the Derbyshire / Leicestershire borders and this evening I had a Red Underwing moth on the dining room wall.
D\\\\ - 18 September 2011
Absolutely brilliant,having used Skinner for many years, the photos are stunning; in fact the whole site is. Well done to you and everyone involved.
Andre evans - 15 September 2011
Hi im from huddersfield and came across this moth being chased by the neighbours cat. It is now safe. Its the largedt moth ive seen and took a picture so i can try and idetify it. I came across the Convolvulus Hawk-moth, is this correct and is it usually seen in west Yorkshire??

How can u send the picture???
Carlos Manuel Moreira da Silva - 12 September 2011
Ii's one of the most informative websites; since 2009/10 i've been using it to identify (with errors of mine, naturally) my own moth's photos that i take here in Portugal (and also in Spain), because many are common.
Thanks for the amanzing set of photos that you put at our disposal. Thanks.
Carlos Silva
Simon Rummery - 7 September 2011
I've been using your brilliant site (one of my favourites) for years and never thanked you. It takes real dedication to produce something as good as this - thanks, Ian.
Bryan Barnacle - 7 September 2011
A most valuable and useful source. Very many congrats to Ian and all involved in keeping it to such a high standard. I started by purchasing several of the discs (when I was on dial-up) and now use the site on a very regular basis. Very happy to pay a subscription or make a donation.
A thought - how about a forum on which we could post photos of unidetified moths? With a small fee? Occasionally, a micro or whatever defies local id and it would be great to have help.
Every best wish. Keep up the good work.
Bob - 5 September 2011

I've had these small flying insects coming into the house for years but have never found out what they are. Are they moths? Does anyone know what they're called:

jane dilley - 5 September 2011
We found a large moth on our wooden gate. With help from your site it appears to be a convolvulus hawk moth .

I have had a lot of moths that feed on lavender during the day hovering like humming birds.

We live in Hampshire near the coast.
Eric Jordan - 4 September 2011
Found a Lime Hawkmoth lavae, at our Dr`s Surgery carpark, as a matter of fact there were about 5 or 6 of them. I got on to your site via NHM website and found out what is was, also that someone else from Wigan found one, I wonder if it was from the same area, around Pennington.
Matt swinfen - 3 September 2011

I'm reasonably convinced that I've photographed a Convulvulous Hawk resting on the wall of my house, but wondered if there was a way to submit a picture to you for confirmation?

Kind regards

Matt Swinfen
Ian Fozzard - 3 September 2011
Just discovered your site - excellent and a very valuable resource given the difficulty most non-specialists have in identifying the smaller moths.
Dave Bond - 2 September 2011
Love the site guys - very helpful for me as a newbie to mothing.
Heidi Barnes - 2 September 2011
I was waiting for a bus at Lewisham Bus terminus , I was at Loampit Vale next to the River Quarry & saw a Jersey Tiger Moth on the metal railing by a buddlea . It was the biggest moth I've ever seen in the UK .
Rose Williams - 29 August 2011
Very interesting website. I wanted to send you a picture of an unidentified Caterpillar but I can't see your email address so can't send it due to the way my email works! Shame
Ross Macdonald - 28 August 2011
I find this site really useful and helpful. I'm a rookie moth enthusiast and this site is just the thing I need. I'm thinking about getting the iPhone app for useful identifying when I'm out and about. Thank you, Ian!
Andrew Capell - 26 August 2011
great site and very helpful with moth id that we do here on Orford Ness
Selina Cowee - 26 August 2011
I Love these pictures, but I cannot find my moth that I took pictures of last night. It looks like a Garden Tiger but the head doesn't match the pictures you show. It has dark lacy top wings and the under wings are red & black not red & blue and it only has a little head, but it's feet were huge. Any ideas would be gratefully received.
Brian Hammond - 21 August 2011
Hi, I find your site very valuable in confirming identities of moths I capture. I have a pale yellow micro I caught recently and have been unable to identify. I have a photograph available in digital format if you can advise me on where to email it. I also have photos of an unknown Caterpillar that I would like to have identified can you also help with this please?
Bob Cruikshanks - 21 August 2011
A useful site thank you for the opportunity and effort to maintain. We have a light reddish brown moth (an eye/spot on each wing)that has been around our house for the last 3 nights that I cannot find/match on your site. Wingspan is approx 2 inches at rest and one wing appears damaged (hole) which is poss' reason for permanent sighting. I have some pictures if you would/could view to confirm type. Our location is Somerset (Postcode BA22).


Bob C

mike light - 18 August 2011
very helpfull site brilliantly set out and dont no why i haven't found it before.had already id'd the moth i was after but wanted more info which i was an orange swift and laying alot of eggs which i hope to raise a in wantage (oxfordshire)also five mins away is a field full of cinnibar moth catapillars.
viewing the guest book i have notiched just how popular the jersey tigers are for being id'd at this point in time.
keep up the good work.will definatly be visiting again.
Leon Jenkins - 16 August 2011
Very useful site . I have just used it to identify a Jersey Tiger in our garden in Rochester, Kent, which suggests the range is still increasing.
Steph Kerney - 15 August 2011
Found 3 Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar's yesterday when clearing ground for a shed base in mid Kent. 'Rescued' them into a small fish tank with live plants of willow herb. They seem to be ok. But not sure what to do with them now as we have free roaming chickens. Its a wonder they survived this long! Should I find somewhere to release them?
Neil Burke - 15 August 2011
Visited your sight and found the moth which was in the garden on an aspiderstra leaf being a Jersey Tiger Moth. I live in Sidcup Kent (South East London) for your information and have a picture.... NB
Steve Maddams - 14 August 2011
Have photographed this morning what appears to be a Jersey Tiger Moth in my Bishop's Stortford, Herts garden (CM23 postcode). Read of them being found in London, are they now 30 miles north?
Charles Dale - 14 August 2011
It must be a good time for moths and thanks again for your great website. It helped me identified a lime hawk moth I saw today in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.
Simon Tucker - 14 August 2011
Fantastic site, really useful.
Jon Baker - 13 August 2011
I was hoping to ID a strange moth I saw today, but there's nothing on the site (or any others!) like it. It was a large moth (tip of head to tail was a couple of inches may be) and it's behaviour was that of a hummingbird hawkmoth (which I have seen before) but more nervous and erratic. It was attracted to ornamental thistles but did not appear to actualy feed. Its distinguishing feature was its colour: wasp yellow on its abdomen and (i think) the top of its head. Such a colour that I first thought it was a huge wasp or hornet, but it was definitely a moth. I watched it for perhaps 2 - 3 minutes and then it climbed high and flew off rapidly.
I expect you get hundreds of requests like this (and as a birdwatcher I get a few - which normally turn out to be a jay :-)) but would be grateful for any pointers as I have never seen anything like this.


Mariyn - 13 August 2011
Thank you for helping me identify the rather beautiful yellowish white moth we found in our house (dead) early in August - now I know it was a swallowtail.
Chris Wise - 13 August 2011
Scary big caterpillar. It's all well and good encouraging wildlife, but when you find it in your garden ...

Elephant hawk moth I think, although I would have described it as olive green.
Shelley - 13 August 2011
Found two moths look like male and female have pics would love it if someone could identify them for me!
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