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Nikki Macdonald - 7 August 2012
Hello UKmoths

St Andrews Botanic Garden, Canongate, St Andrews KY16 8RT are holding a moth trapping and identification workshop on Friday / Saturday 17th and 18th August, hosted by Duncan Davidson.

Is it possible to put a notification of this on your website and can you give me advice about where else I could advertise the event. Thanks.

Brian Wilson - 6 August 2012
Greetings to Leonie, Ken, Helen, Lynda, and Sarah of the London and Bridgewater Jersey Tiger
Appreciation Society. Without really looking for them I've come across four over the last few days
in Blackheath, South London. This prompts two questions in my mind which I wouldn't dare to tax
the busy Mr Kimber with: what is the significance of the different colours of the underwings, shown
but not explained on the website (I have both red and yellow in my specimens) and are we witnessing an explosion in numbers of this attractive little Channel Islander?
Elizabeth - 6 August 2012
Great website. Helped me identify a Garden Tiger I took a photo of just north of Ullapool,north west highlands ,Scotland.
Leonie Noble - 5 August 2012
I regularly see Jersey Tiger moths in my garden in Balham - today there were a pair flying around.I confirmed identification on this site.
Rachel Groves - 4 August 2012
What a wonderful resource! I've just been gifted a huge moth by my cat, (completely unharmed and now released) and thanks to your website I think I've identified it as a Poplar Hawk moth. It was stunning and I had never realised moths were that big in our country. I actually thought it might have been a bat!
Ken Lewington - 4 August 2012
Thank you for your superb website; it has just helped me to identify the Jersey Tiger, two specimens flying in the sunshine, found on a small piece of wild ground (approx 100m x 5m) with nettles, thistles, an elderberry bush, sycamores and other wild plants, a colony of foxes and a chain-linked green plastic fence covered in Virginia Creeper - in South Norwood, London
katrina - 4 August 2012
i have found a tiger arctia caja in my garden buetiful
chris davies - 4 August 2012
Found 'the herald' using the site a strange moth we saw in the yesterday.
Cracking site, thanks, chris davies, rushden
helen elson - 4 August 2012
found your site easy to use, found a jersy tiger moth bridgwater somerset, was not sure what it was found it on your site in minutes.
Steve Smith - 3 August 2012
An excellent site keep up the good work
scott - 2 August 2012
i found a black and white moth about one inch or slghtly more in size i cannot find one that looks the same on your site unfortunatly i just placed off the path where i found it in bush's and i can only only decribe it as looking like a bird MESS ! my post code is NN8 3QD WELLING BORO NORTHANTS .
James Hammond - 2 August 2012
BRILLIANT site that contains more information than any book could! Useful for making converts of people. :)
Enable JavaScript to view protected content. - 1 August 2012
Thanks to this site I have identified two jersey tigers currently sitting on my windows in soth east London. Thank you
debra huleatt - 1 August 2012
thank you!! i found the sight very useful to narrow down species identification!!
will keep using it in the future!
Alex Bozman - 29 July 2012
I'm fairly new to mothing and this site is very helpful for the photos of moths, which supplement the illustrations in the field guides.
Steve Lauri - 29 July 2012
Great guide I was able to identify the moth found in our bathroom very quickly with your guide
Cindy goodrum - 28 July 2012
Found a beautiful moth in our big messy garden early evening while we were weeding . It was in a wheelbarrow full of weeds and accumulated water and when I tipped it out saw this beautiful moth. Used this site to identify (my husbands photos are better than ones on site !) looks like a wood tiger moth , never knew moths could be so beautiful. We are in Perth Scotland in semi rural location.
Sarah Patten - 28 July 2012
Really useful site - was able to quickly identify a Jersey Tiger moth (2067) which I just photographed in my garden in Bridgwater, Somerset. Thanks
Neil Morgan - 27 July 2012
Just used this superb site to identify a moth i have never seen before.
It was trapped in the communal area of my flat.I managed to trap it and release it safely outside,after taking a picture to help with identification.
Thanks to this site,in particular the keyword search,i was able to i.d. it as a Swallow-tail moth!
Many thanks
buzz clark - 27 July 2012
As usual a very informative website. A wonderfull library of professional photos of our moth species.

I do on occasion find it hard to find the moth species that I have photographed, due I think to either my lack of descriptive language or the websites limitations.

However these problems do not retract from the sites usefullness and I am sure taht the more times I use the site the better I will become.

Keep up the good work. Regards. buzz
Mike Anderson - 27 July 2012
Thank you for this site which I find most informative.
Chris - 26 July 2012
It would be useful to be able to view moth thumbnails by moth size and also by moth colour.
Ricky Cooper - 25 July 2012
I returned from work and found a moth on the back of the gate. It's been a very hot day today and it was 1900hrs approx when I come home. An unusual (to me) moth was on the back of the fence. One I have never seen before. I though I had discovered a rare one and thought I would check it out again as a novice, but interested in wildlife. Anyway I have discovered thanks to this site it's a poplar hawk moth. I live in Norfolk and they are probably common although to me it was a first and a remarkable find. Thanks for your help here. I guess it will have flown off after night falls. The picture and description you provided was spot on.
E Svoboda - 23 July 2012
23.07.12 ?Sussex Emerald? - ?Thalera fimbrialis? (I think)- it flew off before I could take a photo to properly identify it. Size about 30-40mm, both wings nearly translucent, VERY light pale colour with no visible/noticeable markings, hind wing not rounded but juggered - points(?) - at Herstmonceux Castle E Sussex approx 6 miles from the English channel.

Same location, same date later on in teh day - White Admiral
Peter Halsall - 22 July 2012
I am trying to identify a large brown moth. It is double winged, has bat like ears, (for want of a better discription), in it's sleeping postion it looks like a hamster shape. I do have some photos of it. One or two in it's sleeping postion and a couple with it's wings open.

Peter Halsall
jo - 20 July 2012
Found a white olume moth in my garden this evening whilst pulling down some bindweed. It floated down and sat on a plant where I photographed it, never having seen one before. I used your site to identify it. I could not believe how beautiful it was, especially the feathery wings and so snowy white. I left the rest of the bindweed where it was, just in case there are some more. I was so pleased to see it that I just wanted to share it with you.
Stuart Haig - 19 July 2012
i have used this website twice recently to indentify 2 different moths. only thing i was disapointed with was that they were not rare or exotic species. one a Yellow swallowtail and the other an elephant hawk moth. both striking in different ways! still great to know what they are though.
Tony Stockman - 16 July 2012
Found two privet hawk moths on my son's jeans on the washing line tonight. Photos available of you want them
annie - 16 July 2012
found on my bathroom window ledge this a.m. in doncaster s.yorks a yellow swallow tail moth
Lorraine Blair - 14 July 2012
Was gardening today and a moth landed on my arm. Used your site for identification purposes and found out it was an Angle Shades. We're in North East Scotland so I don't know how common they are up here. We got a good photo of it whilst it was still on my arm if you would like a copy of the picture please let me know.
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