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Eric LaGasa - 8 October 1998
Very nice photography. Thanks for posting such a great resource on the web!
mark trigwell - 5 October 1998
great site, well done
Harry Lonka - 30 September 1998
Very good pictures !
Bart Vanholder - 25 September 1998
Nice updating on moths. Good to compair thses with Belgium. Keep this work going on. Wished I had the time to do this as well...
David Poynton - 25 September 1998
Excellent photos!
Jeryl Cain - 24 September 1998
I have recently been investigating moths as I found a hummingbird moth in my lavender plant in the back yard. I do appreciate sites such as yours. Thank you!
Tony Thomas - 23 September 1998
Great photo's, great page structure - monthly lists and systematic list. The recording of number of individuals adds another welcome addition to your research endeavor. Thanks for the pages on photographic techniques, a real plus.
William Donachie - 30 August 1998
I don't have anything except admiration for your site and I hope to visit it many more times over the years. Your photographs are splendid and I love the lists of the wonderful names! As a matter of interest, do you know where and when these names first a peared? Since even most countryfolk would consider one moth to be very much like any other moth, it would seem unlikely that these are \"common\" names (like \"robin\" or \"blackbird\") and, from a position of complete ignorance, I would guess that they were m de up by the early collectors of the 19th, or even the 18th century. Am I right?
Laurent - 18 August 1998
Nice site and lovely pictures of moths ! Still a problem with the script of some of your pages...
Steve J. McWilliam - 15 August 1998
The best moth pictures I have ever seen A site which is definitely worth a prolonged visit.
Roger Kendrick - 23 July 1998
Great pictures, especially given the small file sizes.
The nomenclature is a little outdated (based on South, I believe), so will confuse many non UK lepidopterists (not to mention those in the UK who use Skinner's book or the Moths & Butterflies of Great Britain & Ireland series), or at least have them leafi g through their old books to find the synonyms. Not long to await Skinner's second edition now, though (must be counting down the days).
Keep up the good work.
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