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Steve Stroud. - 2 July 1999
Great website, keep up the good work, much appreciated, I'll be back!
Tony McPARTLIN - 2 July 1999
Steve Palmer - 31 May 1999
First time I've visited, it's very good. A bit of hot news for you, Alder Kitten found at Gait Barrows NNR 27th May and rumours of another from the Blackburn area in the last few days.
andy - 29 May 1999
Andy: I tried to mail you but the email address was rejected. If you can email me any kind of a description, I'll try to I.D. it for you. Cheers, Ian. (Enable JavaScript to view protected content.)
John Edwards - 25 May 1999
I love your site. I keep coming back and finding new species. I am really pleased you are managing to add to it. Lease keep up the good work. John Edwards - Liverpool
Alan & Jeri Coates - 23 May 1999
Great Site. Well worth all the effort you have put in. Keep it up :-)
Ray Morris - 11 May 1999
Nice to see a page dedicated to BRITISH moths - e[ecially some nice pics of micros! Keep up the good work
Phil Wilkins - 28 April 1999
Splendid! Fine pictures - do you hope to be comprehensive eventually? Can I use any of the images for our local nature club? The children all seem very keen on creepy-crawlies and we hope to hold some moth-trapping evenings in the summer
Enable JavaScript to view protected content. - 17 April 1999
Your photography is excellent for a man who does not profess to be experienced in the art. I commend you on your enthusiasm, which invariably transcends the norm on most occasions.
H. Wendell Godwin - 1 April 1999
Would you be interested in exchanging material from the USA (eastern)? I have been collecting for nearly 50-years. At present, I have no specimens from the UK. Sincerely, Harry
David Astley - 29 March 1999
This is a superb site. I'm interested about moths, but my Dad's absolutely potty about them and seriously in to photography, he'll love it.
Barrie Harwood - 28 March 1999
I haven't had time as yet to peruse the site completely - but what I have seen so far is very impressive. Keep up the good work
Stephen Hippisley - 27 March 1999
Great site. Excellent clear and sharp photographs. Look forward to seeing some more.
Peter Lewis - 16 March 1999
I found your page by accident when trrying to find some information on Moths in the North East of England for my Neighbour who uses a Mercury Vapour Light for recording it is one of the best pages i have seen although some more links and pics would be gre t.
Alan Shearman - 16 March 1999
An excellent site please keep up the good work thank you Alan
Paul Cleary-pugh - 5 March 1999
Excellent pics and well presented data, intrigued by the 2 records of Small Elephant Hawk Moth. Please feel free to discuss catches as i am based in Leigh, Greater Manchester not to far from Pennington Flas
Bill Hark - 27 February 1999
Very nice site. Moths should be on the web as much as butterflies. You have an interesting and easy way to place images on the web. I use the standard photo-scanned print-computer method. Keep up the good work.
Gerrit Padding - 12 February 1999
Ilike your photographs very much and I visit again. Gerrit Padding (Netherlands)
Terry Dixon - 6 February 1999
Many thanks for the great site and brilliant photographs. I particularly like the \"normal\" resting poses, ie the way we actually see them! Also that the micros are not being left out. It has been of some help to me and I'll be here often!
Graham Jones - 16 January 1999
Martin Hough - 9 January 1999
Ian- what an impressive website! I've taken quite a few for my slideshow screensaver. Glad to see you use varied backgrounds- one eminent entomologist of my acquaintance started a similar project to yours but consistently posed them on the same bit of log. It got very boring after a while! Thanks very much for making this splendid collection available.
Michael. H. Black - 2 January 1999
First visit! Very interesting. I'll be back!
Arnost Adamek - 2 January 1999
The quality of the pictures is very good. But I have the problem to show the pictures of : Willow Beauty The Flame Rustic Shoulder-knot Small Dotted Buff and The Rustic

Apologies to everyone. These errors have now been fixed. (IK 5 Jan 99).

Jim Taylor - 6 December 1998
I write a column for the Lepidopterists' Society \"NEWS\", and I am including a brief paragraph about your site in the Spring, 1999, issue. Hope it'll help increase the traffic to your colorful (or, I should say, colourful) site. Jim Taylor Savannah, Georgia, USA
Mikael Johannesson - 24 November 1998
I am impressed by the quality of the pictures. Also, it is very nice that the motives is not just prominent day-active butterflies! Keep up the good work! The only \"criticism\" I can give is that there seem to be a syntax error in the script presenting the photos.
Peter Tennant - 22 November 1998
glad to have found the site of a fellow enthusiast. Will visit again I now run an MV trap in Wiveliscombe, Somerset having moved from Northumberland where I ran one for 23 seasons. cheers, peter.
Ian Thirlwell - 15 November 1998
Hi, I've been thinking for a long time about lep pages based on my own trapping here in Portsmouth, Hants. If I ever get round to it & it is as classy as yours I'll be well pleased! Ian
Graham Dixon - 15 November 1998
Ian I enjoyed the page, I catch moths in my garden in Hoghton(1 mile south of Preston). I use a Phillips UV (no mercury vapour) but have quit a bit of success. Having said that, the weather has not helped this year Graham Dixon
steve christmas - 16 October 1998
Great pictures! It would be nice to have an indication which ones were recorded in Greater Manchester. Have you thought of putting on a GM list rather like the Cheshire one?
Will Bown - 9 October 1998
Excellent. I run a garden trap here in a Dorset village most nights and occasioanlly at Kingston Maurward College where I work. My main interest is in migrants. Like your photogrpahs very much. Will Bown
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