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jerry portman - 4 January 2000
what an excellent site. just what i've been looking for! thanks, and keep up the good work.
Alex Lawrence - 3 January 2000
Nice to see a Web Site dedicated to moths.
Could prove to be a useful reference resource.
Well done !
Brian Goodey - 3 January 2000
Can I use some of the images in the Essex Moth Group newsletter (with credit to UK Moths?
Patric Delhanty - 1 January 2000
Excellent photographs, please keep it going.
Ameen Raa Al-Khabyyr - 30 December 1999
please send me lots of pictures and discriptions of death-head moths, thank-you


Tom and Joan Thirlaway - 17 December 1999
At last a web site that has captured my husbands interest! He's been trapping moths for a few years and is pleased to know he's not alone.
Great site - thanks.
rodney compton - 11 December 1999
very comprehensive site - nice pics
TerryD - 11 December 1999
Greatly relieved to find you back on - was in flat panic when force9 died the computer death!
Many thanks as ever for the great site!
Ian Kimber - 9 December 1999
Well, Hi everybody. Finally got the UKmoths website running again after Force9 lost everything. Unfortunately they've lost much of the recent guestbook information; still that's what you get for not using a free ISP...
Braekevelt - Belgium - 18 August 1999
Very good!
Barbara Granito - 10 August 1999
Found a most unusual moth in my laundry basket tonight and thanks to your page we have managed to identify it as a Poplar Hawk Moth. We have never seen anything like it before but will now let it fly free. Thanks for all the information.
Danny Lamb - 10 August 1999
Thanks for the pictures,we found a moth but where not sure what it was we know think it is a poplar hawk moth or an elephant hawk moth if you have any info on this i would appreciate it.
By the way we are in hertfordshire if it helps.
Kind regards Danny
Michael Fitzgibbons - 10 August 1999
Well done! a good interesting site of specialist
knowlege. I shall be back to spend more time.



Bill Hudson - 9 August 1999
A very useful addition to standard reference books! Hope you can add many more pictures in the future.
Guy Padfield - 8 August 1999
I live in Switzerland. Thanks for the trip back to the UK.
Jeroen Voogd - 6 August 1999
One of the best sites on the web! Keep doing the good work.
Great pictures!
Jeroen Voogd
Christopher Evanson - 5 August 1999
Thanks for the visit. Wish we could find out more about trapping the moths for me to study and draw, before releasing them.
Taylor Wedel - 30 July 1999
thanks for the site, it helped me with my 4-H entomology project.
Mr & Mrs P J Cartlidge - 25 July 1999
Photos brilliant and very helpful.
We are novices and managed to identify a moth we had previously mis-identified. Thanks for an excellent and informative site.
R.D.Ames - 24 July 1999
Brilliant site, it helped me identify a privet hawk-moth found in our garden.

The site could be improved by details about the moths.


Charlie Ogunremi - 21 July 1999
Well organised site. I was trying to establish wether the giant moth we saw one night was a privet hawk moth - and with the help of your site confirmed it was. Cheers! I took a picture but it's not a close up.
Tony Morris - 19 July 1999
Tremendously interesting site. Mind you I'd love to know how you separated your Rustic form Uncertain, I struggle!
Bob Wharton - 16 July 1999
A fascinating site.
Peter Whitehead - 16 July 1999
Excellent site and excellent photos. I found this in a vain effort to find out *anything* about National Moth Night - what a shambles!
Robert Heath - 16 July 1999
I was a recorder for moths in Staffordshire and sent information to Monks Wood.. I am now completely out of conact with everythig 'moths' !!!

I would be grateful for any help getting started again. Trapping starts again this Saturday thanks to an article on Countryfile

alan kimber - 14 July 1999
congratulations on your new website. however, viewed the thumbnail list, but didn't find a single thumbnail!
David Spencer - 12 July 1999
An excellent site. Having only just started trapping in the Warrington area I have found the pictures of moths in their resting poses very helpful for i.d. purposes. Thanks David
Alan Dale - 8 July 1999
Well done. - More power to your index fingers !
peter kyle - 6 July 1999
I could send you my records from my garden if you wish. I send records to the oxford recorder each year
Zoe Gray - 3 July 1999
Really attractive site - it took me ages to find anything that would help me identify my moth. the search engine didn't seem to work but as the system is running really slowly maybe that explains it. I have sent an e-mail to you which hopefully you'll be able to help me with.. Cheers Zoe Gray
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