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S tan Dumican - 18 April 2000
Very interesting
Brian H Little - 4 April 2000
Great Site! Stephanie and I have found the high
quality of the photos of great help with our limited
trapping efforts. The addition of a date to each image
might be worth considering. As would alternative photos
Some species can be very variable. Keep up the great work.11/4/00, 15:02
Richard Price - 31 March 2000
What an excellent site ! The photos are great. I have just blown the dust off my MV trap for this year. Even with frost on the ground there are already moths around in the Midlands where I live. I just wish it would stop raining !! Keep up the good work.
paul greenall - 29 March 2000
I have found this site invaluable for my moth identification. Being a beginner it would be helpful to me if you could compile a list of moths to be seen in certain months of the year,or maybe put the date next to the images signifying when they were filmed. This would help to exclude many confusing species!! This is without doubt one of my favourite web pages, well done Ian.
Sybil South - 28 March 2000
Excellent pictures
Ward Braekevelt - 25 March 2000
I'm from Belgium, and I like this site very much!


Grzegorz Banasiak - 24 March 2000
I interest Sphingidae.
Your page is very good. Congratulation!
Best vishes.
Micke Johannesson - 24 March 2000
I've signed this guestbook before, but I feel I have to do it again. Your ambition (and the succces so far) is impressive! Please, keep up the good work! Sites like this are needed in order to struggle against the increasing inquality of what can be found on the internet (www).
Geoff Neal - 21 March 2000
An excellent site with some very high quality pictures. Keep up the good work.
Dimitris Kourtelaridis - 20 March 2000
Derek Parkinson - 13 March 2000
Found you via Butterfly Conservation - Hampshire
Pete Crowther - 11 March 2000
An excellent site with splendid photographs, especially of micros. Have just had my first spring moths - Common Quaker and Early Grey plus the ever present Epiphyas postvittana. Emergences seem a bit late this year, here in the East Riding of Yorkshire, but a bit of warm weather should work wonders.
JEANETTE IRWIN - 9 March 2000
Suzie - 8 March 2000
I am currently writing a report on the endangerment of the Reddish Buff moth, Acosmetia calignosa, native to the Isle of Wight. I am looking for anyone who has information on this moth, particularly any pictures. Thanks in advance.
Mike Stokes - 6 March 2000
Am into wildlife gardening/conservation and grow as many wildflowers and grasses as I can to attract insects and wildlife into the garden, so coming upon your website was of great interest.All the best and thanks.
John Down - 27 February 2000
Brilliant site. I can't wait to get the trap going now. Excellent pictures, do you want any more?
Delores Berg - 23 February 2000
I was looking for information on butterflies in
Sweden (I'M American, but live in Sweden) and came
across your site. Interesting to look at!
Neil Fletcher - 22 February 2000
I've just found your site. I've been studying moths
for about 3 years largely self taught.
I'm looking forward to exploring your site in
Keep up the good work!
edmund hopkins - 19 February 2000
I used to trap and collect as a small boy and find my enthusiasm has returned with my 8 yr old who is twice as obsessive about it as i ever was. we trap here in nottingham with an actinic, and get consistently poor results in the back garden (but never mind!)
Paz Fletcher - 17 February 2000
An excellent site - keep up the good work. Will be an excellent resource after a night's trapping.
Bernard Hocking - 13 February 2000
Fantastic site, I just started trapping last summer here in far west of Cornwall.
Many thanks Bernard
Tim Crafer - 12 February 2000
Just found, looks good.
L.K.Mitchell - 9 February 2000
Thanks for an excellent website, it has given me renwed interest in the subject.
G.Franco Colombo - 8 February 2000
Very impressive work. I think it is the best site on moths.I use to spend nights in the open with my M.V.lamp and every night is a new experience.
I understand clearly your love for moths.
If you or friends of yours, need information about north Italian moths ask me freely.
During winter time I use to spend hours on your site. Thanks a lot.
mark Hammond - 5 February 2000
Visited for the first time today - excellent. A useful addition to the books in my study.8/2/00, 17:30
Sabine - 4 February 2000
:-) Hallo lieber Jan,

ich liebe deine Schmetterlinge.
Du hast eine wundervolle Homepage.

von Sabine

D.McDERMOTT - 29 January 2000
Mike Bailey - 18 January 2000
excellent site. well done
Joan Taylor - 15 January 2000
As I have trapped moths for many years, and had a very enjoyable time, I am pleased my friends the Thirlaway's told me of your web site, and hope now to solve some of my mysteries.
Joan Taylor
Colin W. Plant - 9 January 2000
Excellent stuff - keep up the good work and don't forget I am always looking for material to publish to old way in Entomologists Record. Notes and papers accepted at 14 West Road, Bishops Stortford, Herts CM23 3QP or via e-mail.
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