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Jim Denham - 2 September 2012
Help to identify a Lime hawk moth caterpillar, thank you.
How can I now encourage the caterpillar to pupate, what enviroment.
Osian Fudge - 1 September 2012
Put up moth trap last night in Maenclochog Pembrokeshire and cought 4 large yellow underwing,2 copper underwing,2 sevensson's copper underwing,2 brimestone moths,3 silver y,1 garden carpet,1 iron prominent,1 setaceous hebrew character and 1 common wainscot.
Mike King - 31 August 2012
A really useful site! Love the speed and clarity of finding a moth. Well done on an excellent site. So glad I found it attached to the Birdguides Newsletter.

Connie - 31 August 2012
Great website! Great information, too!
Maybe add the updated information, so the readers know when it was last updated, and also more information about the website itself (i.e. current links, when it was last updated, sources, etc.).
Just a thought, but overall, great website. Keep up the good work! :)
Jane - 29 August 2012
Great site, thanks!. Helped me identify a Jersey Tiger I found on the steps of the House of Commons the other day.

rosemary magee - 29 August 2012
i found a strange creature running round a plant pot in my garden i took photoes and video'd put it on facebook no one seemed to know what it was but thanks to your site i think i have found out what it was a scarce vapourer orgyia recens
Mrs Angela Woodhouse - 29 August 2012
Thank you for this site it informed us of a large caterpillar which we found at home in NE Lincolnshire which turned out to be a Lime Hawk Moth. We have taken a photo which is now on Facebook but we can forward this to you if you require.
Simon Tucker - 28 August 2012
Gypsy Moth is no longer notifiable to DEFRA or FERA as advised on your site. Apparently there are colonies all over the South East - they seem to have overlooked that this is on the edge of the south west but hey ho.
I live in a place called Purton in Wiltshire, SU 081 877 the Gypsy Moth was trapped on the 17th August 2012 - a first for Wiltshire. The previous week on the 10th August my friend, who lives two miles to the west of me, had a scarce burnished brass - also a first for Wiltshire.
Lee D morgan - 28 August 2012
Love Your site, I was reading about the Poodle Moth on Msn and found Your link
osian fudge - 27 August 2012
Any chance of including hawkmoths in the moth name search ?
Rog Frost - 26 August 2012
A large (5cm wingspan??) moth visited the Lavington flower show yesterday. It was of a fairly sombre mottled grey appearence and took a liking to some prize winning parsnips. A photo will be on the museum website at tomorrow (27th August). Any chance of help identifying it?

osian fudge - 25 August 2012
Identified a fox moth caught in my moth trap in Maenclochog north Pembrokeshire.very useful.
Annette Lankester - 24 August 2012
Saw a Jersey tiger moth at Abridge, London Borough of Havering (?) on Tuesday 21st August, at plant nursery at Blue Cafe.
Marion Bryce - 24 August 2012
I love the site and use it all the time. How about the top 10 micro moths?
James Corner - 24 August 2012
Wonderful website; congratulations to the editor and all the contributing photographers.
John Young - 23 August 2012
Credit where it's due, this is a great website. I've found it very useful to compare all my photos, my guidebook and your site to enable a beginner like me to ID the many species in my garden. Thanks.
David Brammer - 22 August 2012
Wonderful site I have always had an interest in moths, but now and then I find one I have difficulty identifying and its so easy with this site. But please can we have an app on android please
Carole Tyrrell - 21 August 2012
I identified the moth I've seen 3 times this year at 3 different locations in SE London as a Jersey Tiger! A lovely moth I must say with its beautiful orange underwings on show.
Many thanks and I will be donating.
Carole Tyrrell
Chris Landreth - 21 August 2012
Many thanks for helping me identify the Garden Tiger Moth found on my step in South Wales in August 2012
Wendy Berry - 20 August 2012
I have in my garden in Suffolk 2 Willowherb Hawkmoth Caterpillar's. The larger is easily 10cm's long. I found them when weeding, pulling up Willowherb.
Bruce Paul - 20 August 2012
very helpfull site

Alan Pike - 19 August 2012
I just noticed a small moth in my garden but had no idea how to identify it so with a few judicious keywords I landed on this website. Within a minute I had a name, which is incredibly impressive, astonishing even. Of course, I have you bookmarked now but just wish to saw this is a magnificent website which clearly works, and is a delight to browse. Thank you for you all your hard work.

alison - 18 August 2012
Many thanks for your site. I'd just spent half an hour this evening trying to persuade a confused butterfly (well, it *is* very hot!) that it wanted to be outside and not inside my sister's flat in London SE26. Of course it was a butterfly: I'd seen one around midday a few days earlier, so it had to be, didn't it? And it was far too pretty to be a moth. But funnily enough, it wasn't showing up on any butterfly searches. So I came here, typed in \"black white stripes\" and the site straightaway come up with a Jersey Tiger moth. It looks really beautiful from underneath, from the few glimpses it allowed me - like a Peac*ck (sorry, site being a little over-sensitive there) or something - but I can't find any photos of it from underneath. I'd agree with one other poster that the stripes look quite yellow rather than white, and also the dark splodges on the hindwings seemed to be a darker orangey-brown rather than black, but I think that must be what it is.
zax - 13 August 2012
Hey great site! Easily identified the beautiful Jersey Tiger in my conservatory near Yeovil in Somerset. Three cheers - it eats nettles! (Got lots of those).
Thanks for producing a really useful website easy to navigate (though could do with a Home button at the top of the page too).
John Thomson - 13 August 2012
I very good site very constructive
Jennifer Carroll - 11 August 2012
Hi there, thank you for this site, it's great! I found a moth today, in South London where I live. I'm pretty sure it's a Jersey Tiger, E.quadripunctaria, however the stripes are very yellow compared with the images on this site which are white or with a very pale yellow tinge. Could I send you the photograph I took of it to confirm the identification? Thanks! Jennifer Carroll, Ecology and Conservation, University of Sussex
Dean Nichols - 10 August 2012
Thank you for helping me to identify a larvea i found whilst working at Glasson Docks in Lancashire it was a:

Convolvulus Hawk-moth Agrius convolvuli
Itwas a real treat
Roger Theobald - 10 August 2012
I would like to report a sighting today, 10th August 2012, about 11.00 a.m., of a Jersey Tiger moth in our garden in Teddington. It is rather worn but still flying strongly. Thank you for your website which helped me identify it.
Jacquie Leach - 10 August 2012
Found unusual moth that I hadn't seen before and used your key to find out what it was. So easy to use. Brilliant thank you
claire bertram - 8 August 2012
Have just found a privet hawk moth on 8th August. Is this unusual to find at this time of year? How rare are they? Found the identification and keyword search very easy and found the moth very quickly.
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