Poplar Grey Subacronicta megacephala
Poplar Grey Subacronicta megacephala
Adult • Littleborough, Lancashire • © Ian Kimber

73.046 BF2278
Poplar Grey Subacronicta megacephala

([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

Wingspan 40-44 mm.

One of several powdery-looking greyish moths which can be difficult to identify, this species has however a distinctly round whitish orbicular stigma with a darker centre, and whitish hindwings.

It is commonest in the south of England, with the range extending into southern Scotland, and flies from May to August.

The grey-brown caterpillar feeds on the leaves of poplar (Populus), resting by day in a peculiar question-mark position with the head curled back.
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