Elgin Shoot Moth Rhyacionia logaea
Elgin Shoot Moth Rhyacionia logaea
Adult • Raliebeag, Inverness-shire, April • © Keith Tailby

49.308 BF1213
Elgin Shoot Moth Rhyacionia logaea

Durrant, 1911

Wingspan c. 16mm.

Restricted to coniferous forests in north-east Scotland, this species was previously thought to be a British subspecies of the continental R. duplana, but is currently considered a separate species.

The larva feeds on the buds and shoots of pine (Pinus) and Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis), causing deformation of the foliage.

Adult moths are on the wing in April and May, and fly from mid-afternoon into the night.
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