Sandhill Rustic Luperina nickerlii
Sandhill Rustic Luperina nickerlii
Adult • © Paul Harris

73.132 BF2354
Sandhill Rustic Luperina nickerlii

Doubleday, 1864

Wingspan 32-42 mm.

A variable species, which has a number of distinct colonies locally around the coasts of England and Wales, that are described as separate subspecies.

The subspecies vary in appearance and foodplant according to location. These are: knilli in south-west Ireland, gueneei in North Wales and Lancashire, demuthi in south-east England and leechi in Cornwall.

The foodplants are sand couch (Agropyron junceiforme), common saltmarsh grass (Puccinellia maritima) and red fescue (Festuca rubra).

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