Yellow-tail Euproctis similis
Yellow-tail Euproctis similis
Adult • Durlston Country Park, Dorset • © Mark V Pike

72.013 BF2030
Yellow-tail Euproctis similis

(Fuessly, 1775)

Wingspan 28-35 mm.

Fairly common in England and Wales, it is local in Scotland and Ireland.

The female is larger than the male, and has a large tuft of yellow hairs at the tip of her abdomen, which is used to cover the newly-laid eggs.

It flies in July and August, occupying a number of habitats.

The caterpillars, in common with many of the Lymantriidae, are covered with irritating hairs and should only be handled with extreme care. They feed on a number of deciduous trees and shrubs.
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