Scar Bank Gem Ctenoplusia limbirena
Scar Bank Gem Ctenoplusia limbirena
Adult • Andalucia, Spain • © Jim Porter

73.005 BF2430
Scar Bank Gem Ctenoplusia limbirena

(Guenée, 1852)

Wingspan c. 40-45 mm.

A rare autumn immigrant, mainly to the south and south-west of England, there have been around 15 records to date of this Afrotropical species.

The species resembles Silver Y in appearance, but tends to be more reticulated, often with a violet or purple sheen, and usually a distinctive pale patch on the central part of the termen.

The foodplants of the larvae include mullein (Verbascum) and mallow (Althaea) but in captivity they will feed on a range of different plants.
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