Rosy Marsh Moth Coenophila subrosea
Rosy Marsh Moth Coenophila subrosea
Male • Roudsea Woods NNR, Cumbria • © Rob Petley-Jones

73.364 BF2115
Rosy Marsh Moth Coenophila subrosea

(Stephens, 1829)

Wingspan c.35-40 mm

Rosy Marsh Moth was resident in the Huntingdonshire fens in the 19th century, but then was believed extinct until it was found breeding in the Tregaron and Borth bogs of mid-Wales. In 2005 Rob Petley-Jones discovered it in Cumbria, a hitherto unknown location for the species. A threatened species, It is assigned Red Data Book status.

The moths fly in late July and August and are attracted to light.

The larvae are strikingly-marked, with contrasting brown and cream stripes, and feed mainly on bog-myrtle (Myrica gale).
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