Manchester Treble-bar Carsia sororiata
Manchester Treble-bar Carsia sororiata
Adult • Kershope Bridge, Cumbria • © Neil Dickson

70.191 BF1866
Manchester Treble-bar Carsia sororiata

Prout, 1937

Wingspan 20-30 mm.

An attractive species, which in the British Isles is distributed in northern parts of England and in Scotland, and in parts of Ireland.

Its favoured habitats are peat-bogs, mosses and damp moorland, where it can be found during the daytime, though its natural flight time is from dusk onwards. It is on the wing during July and August.

The caterpillars are reddish with a yellowish-green spiracular stripe. They feed on bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), and related plants.
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