Reddish Buff Acosmetia caliginosa
Reddish Buff Acosmetia caliginosa
Adult • Isle of Wight • © Jim Porter

73.078 BF2393
Reddish Buff Acosmetia caliginosa

(Hübner, [1813])

Wingspan c. 25-30mm.

A rare and protected species, with Red Data Book status, the Reddish Buff is now restricted to probably a single locality on the Isle of Wight, though formerly it also occurred in Hampshire and Dorset.

The flight period of the adults is during May and June, and there is some sexual dimorphism, with males being slightly larger than females.

The favoured habitat is heathland, where the foodplant, saw-wort (Serratula tinctoria) grows in profusion.
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