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Keyword search will help to guide you to the most frequently encountered moth species. It is by no means exhaustive, and mostly covers the more colourful or commoner species, which account for the vast majority of requests for identification I receive.

To use it effectively, try typing the moth's main colour (or two colours) into the input field, and maybe enter another keyword to describe the markings.

Some useful search examples:

black white Find moths that have either black or white (or both) in their colours.
+black +white Find moths that have both black and white in their colours.
black spot* Find moths that have black in their colours, or have spots or are spotted.
+black +spot*Find moths that have both black in their colours and have spots or are spotted.
+black -whiteFind moths that have black in their colours but not white.

Note: Any keyword will also search the moth's name, so a search for "black" will also find "Kent Black Arches", which is mainly brown and buff, with no black colouration.

Please also note that this search doesn't yet work for caterpillars (but if you've found a large brown caterpillar, check to see if it's Elephant Hawk-moth!)

I'm working on a more feature-filled identification wizard, but that's a big job so bear with me..


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